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ReadyGamer.com | Meet The Staff: Matthew Falleur!

Matthew Falleur is the Founder and Owner of ReadyGamer.com as well as the Editor in Chief. Matthew has been an avid gamer for over 30 years and has experience in all aspects of gaming, including console games, computer games, arcade games and boardgames. He also runs GamerQuesting.com which is another outlet where he can be found giving his thoughts on various video game-related topics.

Matthew starts off our staff blog with a post from our new website called ‘Let’s Talk Games’ where we do exactly that. Matthew has been talking about how some people have been taking the initiative to destroy all video games because they don’t meet their standards or expectations – an unfortunate result of the increasing evolution and growth of video games.

Matthew Falleur | Let’s talk games: Video game bashing

You have probably seen the video that is going around with a kid who breaks a Zelda cartridge in half and then talks about what a bad game it is.

I’ve been seeing this video for over a week now, and I am really sick of hearing about it. The reason why people are still talking about it is because it is pretty funny, but beyond that it has no real relevance. What this kid does doesn’t change the game in any way, and he obviously didn’t play through more than a few minutes of the game to make his judgement.

Many people are acting like they are better gamers because they can play all kinds of games. They think since they can play all kinds of games they are better than gamers that only like one or two genres.

This is a really ignorant way to think about gaming, and the people who do it tend to be hypocrites since if someone else likes a different genre of game then they don’t play it for any number of reasons, even though the issue could easily be resolved.

For me the bottom line is this: if you like playing one type of game, then play it. If you want to try something else then go for it; but don’t put down someone who only enjoys one genre or another because that person enjoys what he or she likes.

I know that people like to claim they are better gamers because they play a lot of different types of games, but that doesn’t make them a more proficient gamer. When push comes to shove I would put the person who knows the ins and outs of their favorite type of game up against somebody who plays all kinds on any given day without hesitation.

I think at some point we need to have a community that realizes that it is OK to be into one or two genres of games, and that doesn’t make you any less of a gamer.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself!  If you like only playing Shooter games like say…  Call of Duty… why should anyone put you down?