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image source: UnsplashIn today’s day an age, gamers can remain constantly engaged on the go with their mobile devices. As technology continues to improve, phones become increasingly popular as gaming devices, and now android’s even featuring controller support. Therefore, so you never have to be bored on the road, in the airport or just sitting around again, we compiled a list of the best android games with controller support. If you are a gamer on the go or just looking for a new source of entertainment, then this list is for you. Android Games With Controller Support FAQ image source: PexelsBecause Android phones have Bluetooth and run on the same basic software as many gaming consoles, it has become possible for them to integrate android games with controller support for mobile games. It is no longer necessary to spend money on an expensive portable console or get frustrated because they are either unable to play the games they want on the go or cannot perform gaming tasks on their phone they could at home. These Android games with controller support allow people on the go to experience the highest quality gaming session no matter where they are.1. What Are Android Games With Controller Support?These games separate themselves from others by allowing users to connect controllers to their phones and integrate them into their game play. This allows gamers to emulate closely the same experience they have sitting at home on the couch wherever they go. If you are interested, see if your controller can connect to your phone, or go out to any popular electronics retailer to find a compatible controller or phone.2. How Does it Work?Android games with controller support work the same way they do to your console, usually through Bluetooth or some other wireless integration. Phones cannot charge controllers, so make sure you plug them in before leaving for a gaming session on the go. Once you are connected, the games should play just as they do on your console, responding seamlessly and quickly to the commands you enter on your controller.3. Where Can You Buy Them?You can buy an Android anywhere that sells cellphones or major electronic devices, including Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc. and these same retailers will usually offer a compatible controller. You can purchase these android games with controller support on the Android’s app store or through any site where mobile games are sold. We provided a link for all the games on our list. How We Reviewed image source: UnsplashTo come up with this list, we reviewed every game based not only on the quality of the game but also on the smoothness and ease of these android games with controller support. We focused on how long the games kept us interested, how much you have to pay and how well the controller worked compared to either the console version of the game or the mobile game without a controller. We decided that games that made you pay upfront instead of relying on micro-transactions or long waiting periods with advertisements should score higher than their annoying counterparts.Overall Price Range Of This Product (and similar products)These Android games with controller support can range anywhere from free to about $15 for the app themselves, with some also allowing for in-game purchases for cosmetics, to go ad-free or to skip end game time. Controllers can range anywhere from about $20 to $70+, and Androids have a massive range of prices that depend on pre-order, specs and accessories. What We Reviewed Crashlands Crossy Road Horizon Chase Implosion Minecraft Octopus Asphalt 8: Airborne The Bard’s Tale SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Badland Crashlands FeaturesThe first of android games with controller support we reviewed was one heck of a crazy ride. In this game, you hustle to retrieve your packages, becoming enthralled in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your smarts and kill to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a new, fantastic life on the planet Woanope. This game is perfect for someone who loves games based around crafting, inventory management, base building, and hard fights. PROS Vibrant, diverse colors and characters Fun bosses Cool characters CONS Story is flat Progression is very linear​Where to Buy Learn More Crossy Road FeaturesThis game is a modern take on the classic Frogger, and it captures the heart and soul of that game perfectly. Play as any of the myriad characters and try to make it as far as you can through a simple world filled with peril. Cross busy streets, hop onto logs to traverse rivers and pick up coins to buy new cool cosmetics without having to spend a cent. While this game is repetitive, it offers a unique and fun challenge that will have you coming back over and over again for hours on end. PROS Simple concept and game design Fun characters and skins Free CONS Repetitive No story​Where to Buy Learn More Horizon Chase FeaturesThis android games with controller support is a nod to the classic arcade racers and does everything it can to emulate those games in 16-bit mobile glory. The game features different cup championships, a myriad of tracks, cars, and skins and has Google cloud compatibility so you can save on one device and pick it up on another.This is also the first game on the list where such android games with controller support make a huge difference in game play as being able to use the thumbsticks to steer is a massive advantage over normal touch screen mode and allows the player to guide the cars with ease. While this game does cost money, it is on sale often and gives any user a free trial to make sure that the game is for them before purchase. PROS Free trial Constantly being updated The controller makes game way better CONS On the expensive side when full price Gets repetitive​Where to Buy Learn More Implosion FeaturesThe first … Continue reading Top 10 Android Games with Controller Support

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