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Fans of the acclaimed Fable series will be happy to learn about Battlehand as many of the developers of Fable worked on it. With a complex collectible card system and intense RPG action, Battlehand will keep plays players on their toes, and demand perseverance from them to claim victory. This game is not for the faint of heart with a challenge as the game shows no mercy to its players in the later levels. Despite this, the game is rewarding and will provide hours of fun and excitement for those who decide to prove their mettle against the game.  Quick Navigation What Is Battlehand?Why Players Love BattlehandChallenge And NostalgiaMulti-Player And Extra BattlesLuck Is A FactorMicro-transactions Can Be Avoided And Aren’t exploitativeHow To PlayCombat ControlsFlow Of CombatCombat InformationStrategies & TipsPower Up Your Cards And CharactersUse The Bounty BoardUnderstand The Element Matchups And EffectsUnderstand Card And Enemy PerksUse The Elemental Version Of A CardUnderstand Heroic And Monster AbilitiesDo the QuestsOverall Rating What Is Battlehand? Image Via: is a Collectible Card Game Role Playing game (CCG RPG). Players earn characters that are common tropes from RPG games, such as grumpy wizards, giant knights in full-plate armor, and elves with mastery over archery. These characters can only fight using the card system in the game, which allows the characters to access attacks, spells, skills, and other abilities to help them with battles. With an easy system to pick up and play, but challenging battles that keep players on their toes, Battlehand is a game that is sure to please hardcore fans of RPGs and card games. Why Players Love Battlehand Image Via Pixabay.comChallenge And Nostalgia Developers of Fable made Battlehand, so the trip back down memory lane will appeal to fans of those games with the RPG action born in that series. Aside from nostalgia, Battlehand is a game filled with challenge and provides no hand-holding for players, with some levels decimating them from the first turn. While this might turn off some players, it will not disappoint those who seek a challenge and thrive in punishing games.Multi-Player And Extra Battles The campaign is there to tell the story, but also prepare players for online modes, where players can fight each other with their chosen teams, and compete in rankings. Besides that, there are extra battles that offer great challenges to the player, making sure that there is always something more to conquer.Luck Is A Factor As any game with a collectible card system, the game will inevitably force the player to choose between eight cards for their characters, and only four will be available at the beginning of a turn. Sometimes the card needed will appear, and other times, the cards dealt will lead to defeat. This keeps battles from becoming stale and players must consider different strategies to do well under all circumstances.Micro-transactions Can Be Avoided And Aren’t Exploitative Battlehand includes micro-transactions like all other mobile games, but rather than making them a necessity at the beginning, replaying levels to get new cards and in-game currency is simple. Aside from this, most of the items in the game can be earned via in-game missions and are even given as bonuses as part of the campaign mode. It’s possible to play through the campaign without spending a single cent with enough luck, dedication, and perseverance to see it through to the end which is more that can be said for games that try to squeeze money from their players. How To Play Combat Controls When in battle, there will be three choices a player can make. From left to right, they can switch the character they’re commanding to the other one on the field, they can choose a card, or they can choose a heroic ability.  If the card is an attack card, it must be dragged to an enemy to be activated. If the card is a support card, it must be dragged to a controlled character to be activated. After a character participates in enough combat in the battle, their heroic ability can be activated on their turn.Flow Of Combat Every card will show a number on its top left corner, which shows how many turns until their ability activates. A more powerful attack normally takes extra turns to activate and can leave the characters open to attack. Enemies have this same counter next to their health bar, so it’s important to plan strategies accordingly.Combat Information If there is something in the battles that the player doesn’t understand, such as an enemy, or the ability of a card, they can tap the thing in question to learn about it. Doing so will also show what a specific enemy is planning for their turn, which is vital for planning proper strategies. Strategies & Tips Power Up Your Cards And Characters Characters and their abilities can be powered up using gold and collecting booster cards. Sometimes, you will enter a battle you cannot win because of the power of your characters and skills. The game will rightly suggest to power up your characters and attacks using booster cards and gold, both of which can be purchased via micro-transactions, or earned after battles. You can replay previous battles to grind for gold and cards if you don’t want to spend money. It’s also suggested that you watch an ad before battles to attain double rewards. This opportunity refreshes every ten minutes. Image Via: The Bounty Board The Bounty Board is another thing you can use to earn free rewards. By assigning one of your playable characters to a bounty, they will return with extra cards and currency to use in battles. In addition, it is also possible to assign a character to a Bounty Board mission and still have them take part in battles. The best use of the Bounty Board is to send the right character(s) for the job that the bounty board asks for.Understand The Element Matchups And Effects ​Image Via: battlehandheroes.zendesk.comThere are five elements in the game that are … Continue reading Battlehand: Strategies, Tips, And Overall Rating

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