Battlehand: Strategies, Tips, And Overall Rating

Power Up Your Cards And Characters

Characters and their abilities can be powered up using gold and collecting booster cards. Sometimes, you will enter a battle you cannot win because of the power of your characters and skills. The game will rightly suggest to power up your characters and attacks using booster cards and gold, both of which can be purchased via micro-transactions, or earned after battles. You can replay previous battles to grind for gold and cards if you don’t want to spend money. It’s also suggested that you watch an ad before battles to attain double rewards. This opportunity refreshes every ten minutes.

Use The Bounty Board

The Bounty Board is another thing you can use to earn free rewards. By assigning one of your playable characters to a bounty, they will return with extra cards and currency to use in battles. In addition, it is also possible to assign a character to a Bounty Board mission and still have them take part in battles. The best use of the Bounty Board is to send the right character(s) for the job that the bounty board asks for.

Understand The Element Matchups And Effects


There are five elements in the game that are all weak or strong against another element. The best way to imagine it is like a circle where what comes from behind is what that element is weak against, and what it’s following is what it’s strong against. The elements in the order mentioned are fire, earth, air, spirit, and water, where water is strong against fire, but weak against spirit, fire is strong against earth, but weak to water, etc. Understanding these can give you a major advantage against the enemy, and know which attacks will do the damage needed.

Besides this, elements also have extra damage effects that happen over time once afflicted. However, not all of them are as simple as damage over time, so it’s best to know which ones will do the effect you need. Effects can only happen with elemental based attacks, meaning that understanding the elements will help you understand what your characters can do and experience. An important note to remember is that the extra effects of one element will not affect a character of the same element. For example, the Earth element has the extra damage effect of poison, but Earth characters and enemies are immune to it.


Understand Card And Enemy Perks

Depending on how powerful an enemy is or how powerful you’ve made a card, Perks will appear. Perks add extra damage and bonuses to attacks, such as stuns, turn interruptions, and non-elemental status effects. Perks also add extra bonuses to support spells, such as extra shields or healing, and removal of negative effects. Enemies can also activate these perks depending on how powerful they are and can cause trouble for your characters. Tap the enemy to see the effect their perk will have and plan your moves accordingly.

Use The Elemental Version Of A Card

Every time a new character is added to your party, they won’t have access to their elemental attacks right away. However, by training them and finding the items for them to unlock their skills, they can access the elemental version of their attacks. It is possible to have two cards of the same attack, but one is charged with an element. Unless it is impossible to boost that card to where it is equal to or greater than the current ability, then the card with the element must take priority to have the advantage in combat.

Understand Heroic And Monster Abilities

Heroic abilities are available to your characters after they have taken part in battle enough, similar to an ultimate meter in other games. Heroic abilities are either massive attacks that affect all enemies and do extra damage based on the elements, or support abilities that have beneficial effects, such as shortening the turn requirement for cards, or healing and reviving allies. Monsters have access to similar abilities, so it’s best to remember that while you have a great ability waiting to be unleashed, so too does the enemy.

Do the Quests

Quests are extra challenges that the game throws at you. Most of the starting quests are simple, such as changing your in-game name from “Player” to another name of your choosing and completing battles under certain requirements. They’ll naturally get more difficult as the game goes along, but the extra rewards are what’s needed to make it to the end of this brutal game. This goes double for the daily quests, which can give immense bonuses once all five of them have been completed.

Battlehand is a monster of a game, and it is a total blast. For fans of RPGs, Card games, and those looking for a challenging and luck-based experience should look no further. The challenge might prove too daunting for players who can’t handle it or don’t have the patience for it. However, the rewarding feeling of claiming victory after overcoming adversity comes right at the start and the game keeps coming until the end. With an intuitive card system, a charming system and intense battles, this is one mobile RPG that’s worth spending hours to master. We give this game our rating of 10/10.

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