Bubble Witch Saga 2 Tips & Cheats | How I Beat These Levels

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the first sequel ever released by King.com in any of its games (now I’m wondering what a Candy Crush sequel would even look like). Although it’s pretty much the same as the original Bubble Witch Saga, the sequel has better graphics and new features.

Your luck largely depends on the distribution of bubbles on the screen, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few tricks up your sleeve. Below are the guides I’ve published for each of the most difficult levels in the game.

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Level 19
Level 23
Level 24
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Level 48

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Level 129

The hints and cheats you find on my individual guides are the ones I found most success with. Additionally, I’ve come up with 10 of the best overall tips & tricks to use in the game. You can find those in the guide below, where each tip is supported by its own fancy picture. Good luck & enjoy!

Here are some of the tips, cheats, and hints that helped me – and that you may find useful in most of the levels of the game.

  1. Know your goals and pick out the right strategy. You’ll encounter three types of goals in Bubble Witch Saga 2—clear the top, save the animals, and free the ghosts. The strategy that you adapt depends on the goal that you’re asked to accomplish. For instance, if you need to save the animals, you should aim for the bubbles holding the animals and not necessarily clearing the top of the board. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before you act on it in the first place.

  2. Aim high. If you take out the higher bubbles, the bubbles below them will also fall. Now only will you finish your game faster, but you’ll also maximize the limited bubbles that you have. Always go for the highest shots that you can find.

  3. Swap bubbles as needed. If the bubble that you’re supposed to shoot does not match any bubble on the board, don’t waste your bubble just by aiming anywhere. Swap between two different bubbles, depending on which one is most useful to you at the moment.

  4. Make every shot count. Again, try not to waste any bubble because they are always limited in every level. Make sure that with you at least take a couple of bubbles down with every shot that you make. Also, breaking bubbles make spiders drop, and spiders are great in hiking up your score.

  5. Look for weak spots. You’ll sometimes notice that a branch of bubbles is being held by similarly-colored ones. Aim your bubble towards those support bubbles so that you take down all the bubbles beneath them. These weak spots help you clear big chunks of bubbles in a short time and at the same time help you get lots of bonus points.

  6. Bounce off the walls. Sometimes, there are simply no viable shots if you aim your bubble straight across. Take advantage of the walls on the sides of the board and even the ceiling at the top so that you can aim at higher bubbles and weak spots. This won’t be very difficult to do, since you have the trajectory line that tells you where your shot is supposed to go. Take your time in aiming, as there’s no need to rush.

  7. Look for bubble combos. You’ll be able to take down bubbles just by matching three of them. However, that doesn’t mean that you should always look for three-bubble matches. Make matches of three or more bubbles six times in a row to enter the Hot Pot mode, where all the bubbles you hit yield double points. Just remember to work fast during the Hot Pot mode, as the buckets won’t stay hot for a long time.

  8. Use special bubbles wisely. Like most King.com games, you’ll also have special bubble types that you can use to give your game a needed boost. Examples of these special bubbles are the rainbow bubbles and fire bubbles. Don’t rely too much on these bubbles as their quantities are limited. Unless you’re willing to shell out some bucks for this game, you’re better off not using these special bubbles except for extremely dire circumstances. Use them wisely.

  9. Keep the spiders coming. When the bubbles bounce off the spiders, your score multiplies. You get a spider every time you break bubbles, while you lose spiders every time you make a shot that doesn’t break bubbles. Make sure that you have as many spiders as possible on a certain level so that you can get higher scores.

  10. Get extra lives. You don’t have to buy extra lives every time you want to extend your gameplay. If you’re playing on Android or iOS, you can get full lives by advancing the clock, opening the game, and then toggling the time back to the correct one. If you’re playing on Facebook, this cheat unfortunately doesn’t apply to you. But according to many players, levels on Facebook are a lot easier than levels in iOS and Android apps.

Playing Bubble Witch Saga 2 is equally addicting as other King.com games like Farm Heroes and Pet Rescue Saga. Just make sure that you keep my aforementioned tips in mind to make your game more enjoyable and less stressful.

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