Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 50 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Even though you need to save 12 animals in level 50 of Bubble Witch Saga 2, that does not mean that you cannot finish this level in one try. In fact, this is a pretty easy level because of the arrangement of the bubbles. If you have a good board with a good set of balls, you’ll finish this one in no time.

However, you might not end up so lucky and always get the balls that you need. In times like these, you need to have some hints and cheats for Bubble Witch Saga 2 on your side. Here are some valuable tips on how to win in level 50 of Bubble Witch Saga 2.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Target the bubbles above the animals.
Tip #2 – Don’t let the balls get into the black holes.
Tip #3 – Let the balls bounce off the walls to save the animals in the middle.
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  • Goals: Save the animals.
  • Moves: 28
  • Stars: 1 star = 20,000 points; 2 stars = 40,000 points; 3 stars = 90,000 points

Tip #1


You’ll notice that the animals are only connected to the top bubbles because of a string of single bubbles. Therefore, if you hit any of these bubbles on top of the animal, the animal will be released and saved.

Angle your shots so that you can aim at the bubbles holding the animals in place (similar to how you angled for the line blaster boosters in level 38. Just a single move can already free an animal, economizing your 28 moves.

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Tip #2


Black holes are still a nuisance in this level, as they sometimes get in the way when you are trying to aim at higher bubbles. Make sure that you properly aim towards the bubbles that you want to blast so that your ball does not get sucked into the black hole.

Alternatively, you can also hit a black hole three times so that it will be removed from the board. But with only 28 moves to spare in this level, this may not be the best solution for getting rid of black holes.

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Tip #3


Hitting the bubbles on top of the animals only apply to the animals found on the left and right sides of the board. Though you can also do this technique for the animal in the middle, it will certainly be much more difficult to do.

Instead, free the left and right animals first so that you free the wall of bubbles. This way, it will be easier for you to target the bubble on top of the middle animal because you can bounce the ball off the wall. Take your time in aiming at the bubbles of your choice.

When you get to Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 53, you will again be tasked to save the animals. But aside from black holes, you also to worry about cloudy bubbles, which add confusion in this round.

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