Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 62 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Level 62 of Bubble Witch Saga 2 possesses the obstacles every Bubble Witch player dreads—black bubbles enclosing clusters of bubbles and teeny weeny bits of black holes. But don’t fret because you also have line blaster boosters to help you out, although you have to sift through countless of colored bubbles to get to them.

Even though the number of bubbles that you have to get rid of before you reach the top can be overwhelming, don’t worry too much because as long as you stick to the following strategies, you’ll be able to conquer this level with flying colors.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Target the line blaster boosters.
Tip #2 – Don’t bother with the balls enclosed in black bubbles.
Tip #3 – Take advantage of Hot Pot mode.
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  • Goals: Clear the top.
  • Moves: 35
  • Stars: 1 star = 30,000 points; 2 stars = 100,000 points; 3 stars = 150,000 points

Tip #1


In levels with dense bubbles like this, one of the best things that you can do is to target the line blaster boosters. However, you might have difficulty reaching them since they’re tucked beneath many colored bubbles that you have to get through first.

Focus all your energy on crafting a path towards the line blaster boosters. Once you have done that, you can hit the line blaster booster and get rid of all the bubbles below it.

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Tip #2


You might be tempted to try to remove all the bubbles enclosed by the black bubbles, but that is physically impossible. Don’t try to remove those bubbles because no matter what you do, it cannot be done.

Instead of focusing on those bubbles, simply target the line blaster booster on the other side so that you can also get rid of all those black bubbles and everything between them. Only the line blaster booster can remove black bubbles on the board.

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Tip #3


Since there are many bubbles to hit in this level, it would not be too hard to sustain the Hot Pot mode. In the Hot Pot mode, all hits that you make will be given a double score, so this hikes up your score as long as you stay within this mode. You enter Hot Pot mode by making six consecutive hits.

To sustain the Hot Pot mode, make sure that every move matches with the bubbles on the board. If you continue playing in this mode, you’ll be able to score three stars at the end of this level.

After finishing this level, you will encounter more annoying black bubbles in Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 63, which also has a goal of clearing the top.

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