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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 69 Tips

Level 69 of Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the first ever level that has no colored bubbles from the very beginning. All you have are cloudy bubbles and black bubbles. Needless to say, you’ll be taking a lot of chances as you blindly match your balls with the bubbles surrounding the ghost. But once you’ve figured out the colors of the bubbles around the ghost, this level becomes a lot easier. Sadly, you only have 20 moves to complete this level, and these may not be enough to reveal the real colors of the cloudy bubbles. If you want to know how you can beat this level, here are some Bubble Witch 2 tips and tricks to help you out. Goals: Free the ghost. Moves: 20 Stars: 1 star = 5,000 points; 2 stars = 12,000 points; 3 stars = 19,000 points Tip #1 You’re not left with much choice in this level when it comes to the bubbles that you’re supposed to hit. All the bubbles on the board right now are cloudy bubbles and black bubbles. Forget the black bubbles and focus on the cloudy bubbles instead. For all you know, you might be able to hit matching bubbles even without knowing the real colors of the bubbles. Back to Top Tip #2 In levels where you have to free the ghost, hitting the bubbles on the left and right side will make the whole cluster rotate. If you just hit the bubbles directly in front of your balls, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary rotations. In level 69 of Bubble Witch Saga 2, you need to rotate the whole cluster until you reach the part that has no black bubbles beneath the cloudy bubbles. This is the area that will easily open up your way towards the ghost. Once you have reached this area, you should only focus on hitting the center part so that you avoid any further rotations. Back to Top Tip #3 Preventing the bubble clusters from rotating can be quite difficult, but it can be done. Try to focus on the center bubbles all the time until you are able to target the bubbles clinging to the ghost. If you have any bubbles that you don’t need, aim them towards the sides of the cluster, but make sure to balance them out with the other side so that the bubbles in the center remain open to you. Brace yourself for another level of clearing the top when you reach Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 70. Good luck, and please let me know how you fare on this stage in the comments below. Back to Top

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