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Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 147 Tips

The number of meringue blockers in level 147 of Candy Crush Dreamworld can be overwhelming, more so when you think about the jellies underneath those meringues that you need to clear. You need to make some pretty impressive moves in order to pass this level in just 25 moves. You also have the additional task of balancing Odus on the moon scale. If you are thinking right now how insanely hard this level is, do not fret because you have one saving grace, and that is the Moon Struck mode. This level has one of the longest Moon Struck modes in the whole of Dreamworld, which gives you a higher chance of breezing through the next level. Here are some Candy Crush Saga strategies to help you do just that. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 125,000 points. Moves: 25 Stars: 1 star = 125,000 points; 2 stars = 290,000 points; 3 stars = 330,000 points Tip #1 The board will certainly be cramped if you do not get rid of the numerous meringue blockers all over the board. They are also covering the jellies, so it is necessary to remove them in order to reveal the jellies that you need to clear. Creating more space on the board also means having higher chances of creating special candies and combos. Back to Top Tip #2 Since you only have 25 moves on this level, you need to make sure that every move you make hits multiple jellies. This can be done by creating special candies and combos, which is easier in this level because there are only five colors present on the board. The best combo that you can create is the color bomb and striped candy combo, since it will destroy a lot of blockers and jellies in the game. There might also be occasional candy bombs on the board, so combos will be really helpful in eliminating them. Just keep Odus’ balance in mind, although he will not be much of a problem since it takes 11 candies to topple him over. Back to Top Tip #3 As I previously mentioned the Moon Struck mode is very precious in this game. It happens only once, but it lasts for 10 solid moves. Since it limits the candy colors to just four, this is your mighty chance to create all those combos that will help you remove most of the jellies in this game. After the Moon Struck mode, you are left with five moves, which you can use to remove the remaining jellies and move on to the next round. If you want to take a breather from Candy Crush Saga and Dreamworld, and likes of challenging levels like Dreamworld level 101, you may want to check out Pet Rescue Saga. This is another King game that will challenge your strategy skills. Jump into level 96 of Pet Rescue Saga, where you need to bring down pets safely to the ground. Back to Top

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