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Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 34 Tips

The board in level 34 of Candy Crush Dreamworld may look a bit odd because of the huge gaps near the center, but finishing this level is actually easier than how it looks like. Never mind that you have all six colors present on the board and you only have 30 moves to reach your objective. In fact, you can take advantage of the bizarre shape in order to get all seven required ingredients to fall down into the exits. When I first saw this level, I was fooled into thinking that this might be a difficult level. But after finishing it with three stars on the first try, I dare say that this is one of those levels that you will certainly enjoy playing without feeling frustrated. Here are some Candy Crush tips that I got during the gameplay. Objective: Bring down the ingredients and score at least 70,000 points. Moves: 30 Stars: 1 star = 70,000 points; 2 stars = 110,000 points; 3 stars = 130,000 points Tip #1 If you’re scared that your ingredient might get trapped if it is placed over a hole, don’t be because it won’t get trapped. In fact, you can use these shorter columns to your advantage since the ingredient follows a straight path in every column. That means that if your ingredient is placed over a gap, any movement below it will allow it to fall directly to the space after the gap, making it easier for you to drop it into the exit. Try to switch the ingredient to the shorter columns as much as possible so that you can drop the ingredient in as few moves as possible. Back to Top Tip #2 If you cannot transfer the ingredient to the shorter columns, no need to fret because it’s still easy to bring it down the length of the whole column. You can use special candies, especially vertical striped candies, that automatically drop the ingredient into the exit. Aside from vertical striped candies, a combination of color bomb and striped candies can help you clear the board with ease. Just be careful of making combos because it might cause Odus to fall from the moon scale. Always keep an eye out for Odus so that he does not accidentally fall off the moon scale. Back to Top Tip #3 The great thing about this level is that you can enter three Moon Struck modes lasting for about four moves each. Take advantage of Moon Struck by making combos and matches that will help you reach your level objective. During this stage, you also don’t have to worry about Odus since he’ll be gone during the duration of the Moon Struck mode. Enjoy easy levels like level 34 while you can, because before long, you’ll be facing tougher Candy Crush Dreamworld levels. For instance, Dreamworld level 40 contains licorice and jellies, making it harder for you to achieve your level objective. Back to Top

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