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Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 43 Tips

There are no ingredients to bring down or jellies to crush in level 43 of Candy Crush Dreamworld. What you need to do is to score at least 160,000 points in just 30 moves. And with lots of licorice cages on the board, you know that this will not be a very easy level. What makes this level difficult is that you need a huge number of points in order to pass the level. Combos and special candies will do the job most of the time, but they may not be easy to come by in a board full of licorice cages. You also have an added task of balancing Odus. Hopefully, the following Candy Crush tricks will help you, just as it helped me in getting past this level. Objective: Score at least 160,000 points in 30 moves. Moves: 30 Stars: 1 star = 160,000 points; 2 stars = 175,000 points; 3 stars = 185,000 points Tip #1 If you want to unlock the licorice cages, you have to start working from the top. Starting from the bottom will only get you stuck, since no candies will be allowed to cascade to fill up the empty spaces. As much as possible, try to unlock a licorice cage with every move you make so that you can move on to other layers of licorice cages. This may be a slow start, but at least you won’t have trouble keeping an eye on Odus because you can still control your moves. Back to Top Tip #2 As I previously mentioned, your main problem here would be how to score the minimum required number of points. Unlocking licorice cages is a good way to start, but they will still not be enough to get to at least 160,000 points. What you need to do is to make as many combos and special candies as you can, not only to help destroy the licorice candies but also to increase your score in just a few moves. You can use a strategically placed striped candy to blast off rows and columns of licorice cages, adding up to your score. However, you need to be careful in using these combos, as they can easily create cascades that might endanger Odus. Back to Top Tip #3 It can be really challenging to keep Odus balanced, but this can be done by keeping an eye on him every time you make a new move. The candies that your special candies and combos may hit will be pretty much out of your control, but you can control the matches you make to balance Odus on the moon scale. After finishing this round, get ready to bring down the ingredients in level in Candy Crush Dreamworld level 44. Back to Top

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