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Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 73 Tips

Levels with separate boards tend to be difficult ones, and level 73 of Candy Crush Dreamworld is no exception. In this round, you need to clear all the jellies on the bottom board. The problem is that all the chocolates are on the bottom board as well. And as you well may know, it is hard to figure out if there are jellies underneath the chocolates as you progress in the game. The only consolation, perhaps, is that you have three Moon Struck modes in this level, lasting one move each. To know how you can maximize your opportunities so that you can pass this level, here are some of my tips for Candy Crush that might help you. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 40,000 points. Moves: 21 Stars: 1 star = 40,000 points; 2 stars = 80,000 points; 3 stars = 120,000 points Tip #1 There is no way to reach the bottom board other than making special candies and combos. Horizontal striped candies and wrapped candies will not be of much use individually, but you can combine them to create a huge candy that will destroy much of the chocolates in the bottom board. Vertical striped candies are also helpful in removing columns of chocolates and jellies. It is also advisable to eradicate all the chocolates as soon as possible so that you can prevent them from dominating your bottom board. If you see an opportunity to make regular matches at the bottom board, do it, as it can clear both chocolates and jellies. Back to Top Tip #2 There will be three Moon Struck modes in this level, each of them lasting for one precious move only. There will only be four colors left on the board, so take advantage of it and use it as an opportunity to make special candies and combos or to activate those combos while Odus is gone. Things will be a lot easier for you when you are in Moon Struck mode, so do not waste that chance. Back to Top Tip #3 You should always keep Odus balanced if you do not want to end your game prematurely. Always keep in mind the two colors that Odus is trying to balance so that you do not accidentally tip the scale to one side. Since you do not have control over the candies that will be affected by combos and cascades, try to keep Odus at the center of the moon scale every time you activate a special candy or combo. You should really be thankful that the only blockers in this level are chocolates, because when you get to Candy Crush Dreamworld level 84, you would have to face licorice swirls. And these swirls cannot be removed by special candies and combos alone. Back to Top

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