Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 86 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Licorice swirls are one of the blockers that I hate most in Candy Crush Saga, basically because they are immune to striped candies, which are the easiest special candies to make. Unfortunately, we have lots of those licorice swirls and cages in this level, which makes the task of clearing all the jellies harder than it really is.

On the bright side though, these are the only blockers that you have to deal with in level 86 of Candy Crush Dreamworld. You have plenty of moves to accomplish this, plus you have two Moon Struck modes coming right up, making it easier for you to create combos that will clear most of the jellies.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Create regular matches to clear licorice cages and swirls.
Tip #2 – Create color bomb and wrapped candy combos.
Tip #3 – Do not forget to balance Odus.
Comments – Leave a comment if you’re stuck and I’ll try to help.

  • Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 40,000 points.
  • Moves: 30
  • Stars: 1 star = 40,000 points; 2 stars = 65,000 points; 3 stars = 90,000 points

Tip #1


To get through layers of licorice swirls, you have to make matches the regular way—meaning no combos or special candies. Those striped candies will only be wasted in a board like this, and a combination of striped and wrapped candy will not help either. Clear as much of the swirls and cages as you can, and always be on the lookout for any opportunities to crush jellies.

However, a wrapped candy, when placed strategically, will be very valuable in this level. The only downside is that it is harder to make than striped candies.

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The best candy combo to help you win this level is the color bomb and wrapped candy combo. Such a thing is not easy to do, as you require five candies to make each special candy, but the best opportunity to do this is during the Moon Struck mode. The Moon Struck mode decreases the number of candy colors on the board, thus making it easier for you to make those special candies that will do much damage on the board.

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Tip #3


Just like any other level in Candy Crush Dreamworld, you always need to be mindful of Odus’ balance on the moon scale. Since most of your moves here will be regular matches, balancing Odus is not such a humongous task. Do not hesitate to make moves that will not clear jellies but balance Odus, especially when he is already at the point of toppling.

Hopefully, you do not dwell too much on this level since you will need more lives once you get to Candy Crush Dreamworld level 87, an ingredients level that also includes those confusing teleporters.

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