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Welcome, Candy Crushers. Here’s a list of the hardest Candy Crush levels we’ve played so far. On this page, you’ll see all of the levels categorized into sets of 50, along with a short list of the most challenging stages for each particular set. Click the title or image of the level set that contains the particular level you need help with, then you will find a link to your guide on the following page. If you cannot find a guide for a difficult level and you’d like us to cover it in a future walkthrough, or if you just need some assistance in the game, please feel free to leave a comment on this page. We’d love to hear from you! In addition to our level guides, we’ve also compiled a list of 10 helpful tips & tricks for playing the game that we think will greatly improve your odds of beating any given level. Interested? Keep reading. Top 10 Helpful Tips & Tricks for Playing Candy Crush Playing Candy Crush Saga can be a fun and addictive pastime. There are so many colorful and sweet-looking candies, not to mention catchy music that could easily put you in a good mood for some candy action. However, your game can easily turn sour and frustrating once you find yourself repeating levels too many times already. Hence, here are ten cheats, tips, and tricks to help you breeze from level to level of Candy Crush Saga. Look for candy patterns. When you start playing Candy Crush, you will notice that it is very easy to find 3-candy combinations on the board. While there is nothing wrong with doing these moves since they add up to your score anyway, it is better to look for patterns that will allow you to find 4- or 5-candy combinations. 4-candy combinations can create striped or wrapped candies, while 5-candy combinations will produce a color bomb. Take advantage of these free power-ups and combos to help you advance to the next level. Start at the bottom of the board. It is better to start matching candies at the bottom rather than on top so that you can take advantage of the cascade effect. This will allow more new candies to drop to the board, giving you more chances to find great moves that will produce combos and high scores. Clear chocolate and time bombs as soon as possible. Time bombs severely limit the number of moves that you have per level, so clear them once when you get the chance. Remember, once a bomb explodes, it’s also game over for you. As for chocolates, they can easily take over the candies in your game. If you just let them do that, you will find yourself running out of moves. Make sure that you clear the chocolates every chance you get. Remove locked candies and licorice as well. Just like chocolates and time bombs, these candies can impede your gameplay. You should get rid of them as soon as you can to allow more new candies to get to your board and help you find better matches. You can use candy combos to easily remove these annoying candies. Use striped candies wisely. Striped candies are made through 4-candy combinations. Not all striped candies are the same. There are vertical and horizontal ones, and you can determine them based on the direction of the stripes in the candies. Knowing that, it will be easier to plan your moves. Use candy stripes for hard-to-reach squares, especially when these are the only ways to clear those tiles. Combine special candies. Have you ever tried combining the striped candy with the wrapped candy? How about the color bomb with the striped candy? If you have, then you know that these combinations, as well as other special candy combos, can help you most of the time to achieve your goals in a certain level. Maximize your moves and try to look for these pairings. Try to finish with extra moves left. Even though you can advance to the next level even if you only earn one star, it wouldn’t hurt to finish with three stars. Striped candies or school of fish will clear the board for you if you have extra moves, hence increasing your score. You can hit your target score easily if you economize your moves and finish with a few extra moves. Use power-ups only in times of dire need. Candy Crush Saga is not an easy game to play. Even though most levels can be conquered even without a power-up, it takes time and patience to go on in the game. Power-ups can help you a lot especially if you’ve been stuck in a level for a long time already; however, they come with a pretty steep price. Therefore, you should first try to finish the level without power-ups before you resort to using one. Do not rely on power-ups all the time unless you have extra cash to spare. Be wary of given matches. When you are stuck in a rut, Candy Crush will highlight potential moves that you can do. While this can help you spot matches and get your game going, that move may not be the best one. Plan your every move since most levels in Candy Crush are not time-bound. Have infinite lives. One of the biggest limitations in Candy Crush is the number of lives. You only have five lives in the game; after five game overs, you need to wait for your lives to regenerate. If you want uninterrupted gameplay, you can adjust the time in your device, advancing it to one day so that you get five more lives. Open Candy Crush to claim the five lives, and then readjust the time back to the original. Resume playing after this. Back to Top

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