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Candy Crush Level 105 Tips

Hello and welcome to Candy Crush level 105. We’ve got a jelly infestation problem that needs taken care of. I know the jellies surrounding every corner of the board looks impossible at first, but you’ll have plenty of moves to clear each corner with the right strategy. Between time bombs and jelly stuck in the corners, things are without a doubt going to be a little challenging. Don’t get too hung up on the way the board looks, though. Follow my hints in the Candy Crush Saga guide below and you’ll have an easier job ahead of you. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 55,000 points Moves: 30 Stars: 1 star = 55,000, 2 stars = 105,000, 3 stars = 145,000 Tip #1 There’s a bomb locked in a licorice cage in the center of this map. This bomb is also surrounded by jelly. Your first priority should be to free this bomb and diffuse it. Ideally, you should be removing the jelly at the same time. A wrapped candy can remove most of this section in a single shot. Be sure to use one if the opportunity arises! Back to Top Tip #2 The hardest part of this map is dealing with all the jelly in the corners. Ideally, you should be focused on making combinations at the bottom corners first. This can cause a chain reaction of combinations on the upper levels due to the influx of candies entering the board. Of course, you should be on the lookout for any striped and wrapped candy combinations that you can make, too. If you position it correctly you can hit three of the corners in a single shot. That’s not a bad payday at all! Back to Top Tip #3 Time bombs will be entering the map throughout this level. As with any level with these pests, be sure to eliminate them quickly. After all, you only have 8 turns to diffuse a bomb before it’s game over. Of course, you still won’t have to worry about any bombs that have a timer equal to or greater than your remaining moves. In those cases, just focus on the remaining jelly. That’s all it will take to conquer this level. Things can be a little challenging and it may take a few attempts, but you will get there eventually. Just keep calm, follow these hints and you’ll do fantastically. I hope to see you on the next level, and then eventually the frustrating level 107 of Candy Crush Saga. Get ready for a chocolate and meringue nightmare on that board. Back to Top

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