Candy Crush Level 107 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 107. You may find yourself becoming frustrated on this one. Don’t forget to study our Candy Crush hints, and watch out for that chocolate.

Despite the difficulty of this map, it is possible to defeat. The meringue is a minor headache, but once you learn to deal with it easily you’ll do fine. In order to reduce your frustrations, here are a few hints for you to follow and you will be moving on in no time.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – How to Deal With the Licorice
Hint #2 – Clearing the Meringue
Hint #3 – Jellies and Special Candies
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  • Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 20,000 points.
  • Moves: 50
  • Stars: 1 star = 20,000, 2 stars = 60,000, 3 stars = 100,000

Hint #1

What makes this level so difficult is the time bombs. You have 9 moves to clear both of them; however, you will notice they are hiding behind licorice cages. Essentially, you have to break them twice. You will notice the chocolate squares located behind these cages. If you can break open the cages, the chocolate squares can actually be beneficial, they are able to spread over the time bombs and remove the threat for you. This can be a lifesaver in your race against the clock.

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Hint #2


Once the time bombs are gone, the map is much easier. You will have plenty of moves to clear the pieces of jelly which are located behind the 8 pieces of meringue. Your next step should be to remove any remaining chocolate. It may have been helpful before but will only be a nuisance from here on. Watch out for the licorice swirls, too. As you break up the bottom levels they will try to get in your way.

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Hint #3


Once the major obstacles are clear it’s a simple matter of clearing the jelly. Either create wrapped candies and drop them to the lower level to break them up or position striped candies accordingly. If you’ve made it this far you shouldn’t have an issue.

That’s all there is to it. Wasn’t that worth the trouble to get yourself to move on to level 108 of Candy Crush? The challenge in this map is removing the time bombs in the early stages. After that, it’s just a matter of using your basic skills to clear out the jelly and score big points.
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