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Candy Crush Level 108 Tips

Here we are, Candy Crush level 108. This is a timed level and these levels have always been frustrating. This level manages to take frustration to the next level. Not only is this level timed but you also have to contend with time bombs. This is no easy task, as just to make things even more challenging King threw in some licorice cages for kicks and giggles. However, follow my hints and tips below and you should be well equipped to beat the level. Objective: Score 14,000 points in 120 seconds. Moves: Unlimited (timed) Stars: 1 star = 14,000, 2 stars = 23,000, 3 stars = 32,000 Hint #1 As this is a timed level, you need to spot combinations quickly. Luckily, this is a large map and creating combo-candies should not be too difficult. Keep an eye out for the time bombs, they will be entering the board at regular intervals. Clear them as quickly as you can. Even if you reach your required score, a time bomb can give you a game over. If you keep track of the bombs, this level is no different than any other timed map. Back to Top Hint #2 There are licorice cages on the map. Don’t go out of your way to try to open these cages. However, if the opportunity comes up, these spaces can give you more maneuvering room for creating combo-candies. Not only will those special candies boost your score, they can be lifesavers in dealing with a time bomb that’s close to detonating. Back to Top Hint #3 Sit tight. If you manage to reach the required point goal and there is a time bomb you simply can’t remove, let the timer expire. There’s no penalty for not making any moves and time bombs only countdown when you make a move. There’s no reason to lose a life trying to clear a bomb you simply can’t get. That’s all it takes to clear this level. And then you’ll be on your way to reading up on the next level’s tips, as it’s not an easy board either. A large board and a low point requirement gives you some breathing room. Just be sure to keep your eye on those time bombs. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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