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Candy Crush Level 113 Tips

You’ve crushed and gamed your way to Candy Crush level 113. Very nice work. Perhaps I can make a ReadyGamer of you, yet. This time the game asks you to collect a single ingredient before you can move on. I’ll tell you what, this sounds easier than it really is! Things are a little cramped to start out. You’re going to have to break a lot of hard candy and meringue early on to have a shot at this one. Eventually, and with the right strategy, you’ll be able to clear a large enough opening in the board to drop the ingredient and leave this level in your dust. Use my Candy Crush tips and hints below to make your task a little easier. Objective: Bring down all ingredients and score 50,000 points Moves: 25 Stars: 1 star = 50,000, 2 stars = 75,000, 3 stars = 125,000 Tip #1 The ingredient you need to collect is in the upper right corner and is blocked by hard candies, meringue and licorice cages. Of course, you have meringue of your own to deal with before you can bother with the actual ingredient. Your first priority should be to make as many moves as possible which will clear a path to the right. It can be tempting to clear a path down first, but resist this urge. It is far more important to get to the ingredient before working your way to the bottom. Back to Top Tip #2 You need to clear enough space that you will be able to create special candy combinations. You don’t have enough moves to win with basic combinations alone. Striped and wrapped candy combinations are your best bet here. Of course, many meringues are two-layers thick. This means you will need to break these meringues twice before they are truly gone. If you can’t make a striped and wrapped candy combination, then a wrapped candy will be the best compromise. Back to Top Tip #3 Once you have worked your way to the ingredient, look for any special candies that can dig your way to the bottom. Vertically striped candies will be ideal. Of course, wrapped candies are acceptable in a pinch. Don’t waste precious moves trying to clear more meringue than is absolutely necessary. This is the only way you will be able to defeat this level. And that is all that is required to clear this board. Things looked much worse at the start, didn’t they? Now, get out there and move on to the next few levels which shouldn’t be too difficult. Let me know when you run into Candy Crush level 117, as that particular round gave me a good amount of trouble with the hard candies and chocolates at the bottom of the board. Back to Top

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