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Candy Crush Level 121 Tips

You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 121, nice work. You’ll be on a minute and a half timer for this level. Be sure to earn the required points before the clock hits 0, which isn’t necessarily a problem if you follow my tips below. These levels are always challenging, but you’ll do just fine. Besides the timer, the biggest challenge is certainly the timed bombs. You’ll have unlimited moves for this Candy Crush board, but you need to be sure to deal with the bombs before they can detonate. Be sure to follow my hints and things will be much easier. Objective: Score 50,000 points in 90 seconds Moves: Unlimited Stars: 1 star = 50,000, 2 stars = 75,000, 3 stars = 100,000 Tip #1: Your first task is dealing with the bomb located in the meringue box at the center of the board. The positioning of the licorice swirls makes it difficult to accomplish this with a striped candy. Therefore, you should be focused on making basic combinations to break the meringue barrier. This should eliminate much of the licorice swirls, too. If possible, remove the meringue below the bomb. This will allow to bomb to fall into your playing field and perhaps make a combination to remove it quicker. Back to Top Tip #2: Additional bombs will be entering the board throughout this level. It is vital that you deal with them quickly. You may have unlimited moves, however, you will quickly fail this map if you miss a bomb while swiping away. You need to earn a lot of points anyway and each bomb is worth 3,000. There’s no reason not to be keeping an eye out for them! Back to Top Tip #3: One of the best ways to score big points is with special candy combinations. A striped and wrapped combo can go a long way in earning you the necessary points. These combinations can also deal with any bombs in their path or collect candies that award bonus time. Be sure to use them whenever you can. Of course, watch out for any stray licorice swirls hanging around, these will not allow this combination to deal with any obstacle beyond them. If you keep these hints in mind, you’ll be out of here in no time. Remember to keep calm and stay focused. The next map in level 122 of Candy Crush awaits you and I, so let’s go! Back to Top

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