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Candy Crush Level 13 Tips

Level 13 is by far one of the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga yet, for although it has the same objectives as some of the previous levels, the layout of the board makes it difficult to achieve that objective. The level 13 board has holes near some of the jellies, making it hard to look for moves in order to remove those jellies. This is the very first level I truly had some difficulty with in the game. So, to minimize the number of lives that you lose in this level, here are some tips. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 23,000 points. Moves: 21 Stars: 1 star = 23,000 points; 2 stars = 28,000 points; 3 stars = 30,000 points Hint #1: Focus your attention on the jellies, not on the points. The points will come easily with every move that you make, so try as much as possible to make your moves on the jelly blocks. Each jelly can be destroyed in a single move, so once you see an opportunity to pop some jelly, do it. Pay attention most especially to the jellies after the upper hole, since these one are particularly hard to reach. Try to exhaust all the jelly moves that you can manage before making moves that won’t remove any jellies. Back to Top Hint #2: If you can no longer find any matches on the jelly blocks, try to find a move on the lower part of the board. This will trigger the cascade effect on the upper blocks, making it possible to remove some jellies on the upper part of the board just by staying low. Aside from the cascade effect, this move will also help put new candies on the board, thus giving you the opportunity to look for more moves that would get rid of the jellies. This practice will come in handy once you reach level 23, which sports a super challenging set of jelly columns. Back to Top Hint #3: One of the most useful combos in this level is the striped candy, which can be done by matching four candies in a turn. It is also the easiest combo to make, so take advantage of it to remove rows or columns of jellies. These striped candies also prove to be helpful in increasing your points and helping you achieve three stars. Once you’ve beaten this level, your next task will be level 14 of Candy Crush – a possibly even more difficult challenge than 13 was. Back to Top

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