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Candy Crush Level 133 Help

Give yourself a round of applause for making it to Candy Crush level 133. Be prepared for yet another challenging map littered with jellies and a complicated design. With skill and a little bit of luck (OK, maybe a LOT of luck), you should get through it without much trouble. This level can be a little unpredictable and that’s one of the challenges you need to overcome. Follow these hints on our general tips & trick page for Candy Crush, and things will be easier. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 45,000 points Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 45,000, 2 stars = 70,000, 3 stars = 95,000 Hint #1 All of the jelly is located in a tube-like structure at the bottom of the board. With only a single column leading into the tube, it is difficult to predict where candies will be flowing. After every move you make, look in the tube for any candies you can combine to break up some of the jelly. This probably won’t clear all of the jelly for you but it will help in the long run. Back to Top Hint #2 Vertically striped candies are crucial. Make as many of these as you can and detonate them in the upper level to clear the jelly in the tube. It’s still important to look for combos in the tube, however, these special candies are going to be a major part of your victory. Whenever you can, mix a wrapped candy with the striped candy, this will clear a much larger portion of the tube and will make your task much easier. Back to Top Hint #3 Try to drop a horizontally striped candy into the tube. By detonating this in the last row, you will clear a nice chunk of jelly. Remember, you can use a vertically striped candy to hit these candies and they will still detonate, you don’t necessarily have to find color matches for them. There you have it. Now you get to face the dreaded timed level 134. I know this level can be frustrating, however, if you keep calm and some luck is on your side, you will get through it just fine. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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