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Candy Crush Level 134 Tips

You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 134. As usual, good job. Before moving on to 135, you’ll need to think fast, as this is another timed map. This time, it comes with a bit of a twist. The map is divided in 2 portions. Candies will flow into the bottom half then fall into the upper half through portals. You are initially blocked by a row of licorice, and time bombs constantly drop in plaguing your ability to move freely throughout the board. Use these hints to make this level easier. Objective: Score 45,000 points in 90 seconds Moves: Unlimited Stars: 1 star = 45,000, 2 stars = 65,000, 3 stars = 85,000 Hint #1 Your board will open up with a row of licorice swirls on the upper level. It is important to break through these. This will open up more space to create special candies and will allow any special candies to affect the lower portion of the map or vice versa. Back to Top Hint #2 This level includes time bombs. While it’s important to clear the licorice swirls, it is more important to remove these threats whenever you can. They are worth 3,000 points each so it’s worth taking a moment to deal with them over a licorice swirl. Back to Top Hint #3 Once you get the hang of dealing with the bombs and the swirls, this Candy Crush level is not much different from any other timed map. You have unlimited moves, take advantage of this. Make as many moves as you can without ignoring the bombs or missing out on special combos. Back to Top Hint #4 Remember, special candies will trigger when your timer hits 0. So, if you are pressed for time and can’t find matches for these candies, don’t worry about them, you will still earn points from the sugar crush. Likewise, bombs will not detonate after the timer expires, if you can’t deal with a bomb towards the end of the map simply let the time run out, hopefully, you will have enough points to win or the sugar crush will do the trick. That’s all it takes. If you keep a calm head and watch out for the bombs and licorice swirls, this level is not so bad. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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