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Candy Crush Level 14 Tips

The shape of the board in level 14 adds difficulty to the game, with the middle column and corners being the hardest to get to.  Furthermore, the previous version of this level in Candy Crush Saga had 45 moves, which has been reduced in its updated version, making it harder than it had ever been. Nevertheless, using the right strategies will help you get past this level in no time. Can you tell you’re already starting to get into the harder levels of the game? The previous level was a warmup, and you might do just fine on this one, but the upward trajectory in terms of difficulty should be starting to be become apparent. Here are the tips and hints I used to beat level 14. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 45,000 points. Moves: 40 Stars: 1 star = 45,000 points; 2 stars = 75,000 points; 3 stars = 100,000 points Tip #1: Keep in mind that your goal here is to clear all the jellies, so limit your moves to the blocks where there are jellies. Pay special attention to the corner boxes and the jellies in the middle column, as these are the most difficult jellies to remove based on the layout of the board. If you spot a move in these areas, do not hesitate to do it, even if it will only remove one jelly. You will feel more pressured to get rid of these stubborn jellies as you run out of moves. Back to Top Tip #2: Candy combos are very helpful in this round, most especially the combination of striped and wrapped candies. When you combine these two, it will result to a huge candy that can hit multiple rows and columns of your jelly. You can also try activating some striped candies so that a row or column of jellies will be eradicated. Other helpful candy combos include color bomb and striped candies, or two color bombs. Back to Top Tip #3: If you can no longer find any moves that will get rid of the jellies, remember to make your moves on the lower part of the board in order to take advantage of the cascade effect. If you stay low, you will have higher chances of removing jellies on the upper part of the board, since more new candies will be produced that will give you more moves. The key to winning level 14 is patience. Grab every opportunity to remove at least one jelly. After all, this is still a step toward achieving your objective, and moving on to Candy Crush level 15. Let me know in the comments below if you’re still having trouble with this board and I’ll try to help! Back to Top

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