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Candy Crush Level 151 Tips

Playing timed levels like Candy Crush level 151 has always been difficult for me since I have to move fast. This level is no exception, as getting 35,000 points in less than two minutes is a difficult feat to achieve. The board in level 151 of this Candy Crush guide is essentially separated into the upper and lower parts by a row of three-layer meringue, so it might be hard in the beginning to create cascades that can increase your score. However, don’t let this discourage you. Here are some tips to help you achieve your difficult objective. Objectives: Score at least 35,000 points in 90 seconds. Moves: unlimited (timed) Stars: 1 star = 35,000 points; 2 stars = 45,000 points; 3 stars = 65,000 points Tip #1: If you want to free more space on your board, work towards removing the meringues. Even though the meringues are hard to remove, you can do it by making adjacent matches three times until they’re gone. Once the meringues are gone, it will allow cascades to happen more easily, hence building up your score. When this happens, focus on making moves at the bottom of the board to take advantage of the cascade effect and the points that it can rack up. Back to Top Tip #2: One way to help clear the meringues is to make as many special candies and combos as possible. Not only will they help you remove the meringues, but they will also help increase your score. All kinds of special candies will be beneficial for this level. Try to activate wrapped candies near the meringues so that you can easily get rid of the latter. You may also combine a striped candy with a color bomb to help boost your score. Back to Top Tip #3: You can extend the 90-second time limit by getting the time bonuses that will occasionally fall from the top of the board. Try to match these with other candies if you want to extend your time by 5 seconds. Getting 35,000 points is not easy, so time bonuses are really crucial in helping you achieve your objective. You’ll run into more three-layer meringues on the next round in Candy Crush level 152, but they’re not too difficult to deal with if you have the right strategy in mind. Good luck, and keep having fun! Back to Top

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