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Candy Crush Level 154 Tips

In level 154, you only have three jellies to clear. The tricky part is that those double jellies are located under the three chocolate blocks that are situated at the bottom of the center column. I found going there will be difficult because of the three-layer meringues that you have to get past first. The unique layout of the board does not help matters. The only fortunate thing here is that the chocolate will not spread until you get some candies to occupy its surroundings. To do just that, here are some of the tips I used for this Candy Crush Saga level that might come in handy. Objectives: Clear all the jellies and score at least 10,000 points. Moves: 40 Stars: 1 star = 10,000 points; 2 stars = 50,000 points; 3 stars = 70,000 points Tip #1: Focus on one side of the board so as not to overwhelm you. The meringues are distributed equally on each side, so choose which side you want to work on first and proceed from there. Although you will eventually need to clear all the meringues later on, concentrating on just one side in the beginning will help you bore a hole where the candies can pass through to get to the bottom of the board. This will cause the chocolate to spread, but that is the risk that you need to take if you want to get to the jellies and finish this level alive. Back to Top Tip #2: Now that you have cleared one side, you have more room to create special candies and combos. All of them will help you, but you may want to create a vertical striped candy on the column where the jellies are located so that you can get rid of the chocolate once and for all. Other combos will work as well, as long as you make sure that they hit the chocolates and jellies. Back to Top Tip #3: If you need more space to make combos, clear the other side of the board. This will open up the whole board for you, making it more possible to score higher and to get to the jellies. You may need to repeat this level several times to win, but just stick to your strategy and you’ll finally make it. Hopefully you’re moving on to the next round, where Candy Crush level 155 will greet you with a mound of double and triple layered meringue. It’s not an easy challenge, but certainly beatable. Back to Top

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