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Candy Crush Level 155 Tips

Meringue blockers dominate the center of the board in Candy Crush level 155, making it hard to make moves in the beginning. Expect your game to be shuffled lots of times, unless you break through the blocks of meringues and manage to get to the jellies underneath them. Even though this level looks imposing at first sight, I found it is actually not that hard, as long as you know the right strategies. The outermost meringues are the easiest ones to get rid of, but you can pull some tricks out of your of your sleeve to get rid of the meringues in the center. Use my detailed guide below to help you move past this Candy Crush round quickly. Objectives: Clear all the jellies and score at least 95,000 points. Moves: 35 Stars: 1 star = 95,000 points; 2 stars = 160,000 points; 3 stars = 185,000 points Tip #1: It is hard to find matches if the blockers are limiting your moves. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to try to open up the board. You can do this by making moves on one side of the board first. Choose which side looks more promising, and then proceed on destroying the meringues on that side. Not only will this make your game more systematic; it will also help you open up the lower part of the board and destroy some of the bottom meringues and jellies. Back to Top Tip #2: With only 35 moves, you cannot survive this level just by making regular matches. You need to make combos as well, and the most helpful combo would be the striped candy and wrapped candy combination. Fortunately, once you have opened up the board, you have plenty of opportunities to create combos that can help you reach your objectives. Back to Top Tip #3: To save on moves, make sure that every match you make will hit a meringue or jelly. Avoid making moves away from them, since you have a limited number of moves. Even regular matches can help you get closer to your goal and win the level. The next couple rounds should be a piece of cake for you, but Candy Crush level 158 will be a tough one to be sure. Those chocolate fountains are not going to be very easy. Let me know if you have any trouble with that round, and happy crushing. Back to Top

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