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Candy Crush Level 159 Tips, Hints & Strategy

Timed levels have always been a challenge. What’s worse than the stress of quickly finding moves to score big points? The answer is simple: throw in some chocolate fountains attempting to block your candy supply. And presto, you have another tough level to go along with the others in Candy Crush. In case you haven’t already played this stage yet, Candy Crush level 159 can be very stressful. I was just about pulling my hair out by the time I finally beat it. Some users find the level pretty easy, which I find astounding. In any case, use these hints to make beating the level a little easier. Objective: Score 20,000 points in 120 seconds Moves: Unlimited Stars: 1 star = 20,000, 2 stars = 30,000, 3 stars = 40,000 Hint #1 Work from the top of the board. Because chocolate fountains will continuously bring in more chocolate squares, it will benefit you to break them fast and early. If you neglect the chocolate, your candy supply will be choked off and you will find yourself in a sticky situation. Back to Top Hint #2 While it is important to keep the chocolate in check, don’t miss out on candy combinations. If you can create a special candy in the bottom area of the map take the time to do so. You’re going to need special candies to score the required points anyway and they may be beneficial in clearing some of the chocolate, too. Keep in mind, this level drops in licorice swirls which prevent special candies from destroying anything past them. Consider the placement of your special candies before triggering them. Back to Top Hint #3 Remember, this is a timed level which means you can make as many moves as you want. This is crucial to keep in mind in order to score big points. However, in this level you need to be aware of the chocolate fountains. If you make too many moves in a short period, you may find yourself buried in chocolate squares. Try to develop a strategy of multiple moves in a short period while maintaining a watch on the creeping chocolate. Hint #4 As with any timed level, any leftover special candies will trigger when your timer hits 0. If you can score big points without using those candies, do it! You will still earn points for them before your level is complete. This board (as well the next one, Candy Crush level 160) is considered one of the most challenging; however, follow these hints and increase your chance of success. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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