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Candy Crush Level 160 Tips, Hints & Strategy

You’re faced with 2 walls of chocolate fountains in Candy Crush level 160. It’s your job to circumvent them and get your ingredients to the bottom. Are you up for the challenge? Good, I thought you were. With 10 ingredients and only 35 moves you will need to work fast to complete your task. Of course, you’re used to having to overcome unique challenges such as this having beaten other tough Candy Crush levels before. The following hints will have you on your way to victory in no time! Objective: Bring all ingredients to the bottom and score 70,000 points Moves: 35 Stars: 1 star = 70,000, 2 stars = 110,000, 3 stars = 135,000 Hint #1 Try to remove the layer of chocolate that coats the drop zones. This will not only help keep the chocolate in check but will also give you more openings for your ingredients. Keep an eye on those chocolate fountains, however. Even if you clear every piece of chocolate on the board, each turn that passes without removing chocolate will result in a piece being spawned. Back to Top Hint #2 Special candies can be lifesavers. Your best bet will be combining a striped and wrapped candy or a chocolate ball and striped candy. Either of these combinations will clear a large portion of the board and open a path for your ingredients. The chocolate ball and striped combo has a good chance to bring any ingredient on the board to the bottom in a single shot. Use this whenever you can! Back to Top Hint #3 Chocolate will try to cut off your candy source as well as the drop zones. Therefore, be sure that you remove chocolate spawning in at the top of the map, too. Clearing the drop zones won’t do you any good if candies and ingredients can’t enter the map! That’s all there is to it. If you can get into a pattern of removing chocolate and clearing drop zones, you will have no trouble getting through this map. Let me know in the comments if you have any difficulties with the next level and the ensuing rounds (161-164), but the next challenging task will likely be level 165. Back to Top

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