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Candy Crush Level 169 Tips

You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 169. It’s great to see you! We’ve got a few orders to fulfill and not much time to do it. I hope you’re up for the task. Your mission is to combine a striped candy with every special candy. This means your special candy creation skills are about to be put to the test. To make matters worse, there are chocolate spawns located on the left and right side of the board. Just keep focused on my tips in this guide, and you’ll get through this round in no time. Objective: Collect all orders and score 45,000 points Moves: 35 Stars: 1 star = 45,000, 2 stars = 60,000, 3 stars = 75,000 Tip #1: The chocolate spawns are locked behind columns of meringue at the start of this level. This means your board is narrower, however, you should try to make as many special candies as you can during this phase. Things will only be getting harder once the chocolate starts flooding the map. These meringues consist of two layers, you can safely create combinations next to any of them once before they will break. Back to Top Tip #2: Chocolate spawns mean that you will never be able to eliminate the chocolate forever. You should not make any chocolate pieces your focus for this map. Of course you should remove the chocolate if it begins to spread too thickly, but you need to keep focused on collecting your orders. Be sure to keep the chocolate away from any special candies you have waiting for a combination. You wouldn’t want the chocolate to damage your hard work! Back to Top Tip #3: Striped candies are fairly easy to make in this level. This means that the striped candy combined with another striped candy should not be your biggest concern. You need to be on alert looking for any combination that will yield your wrapped candy and the chocolate ball. Be careful once you have created them, however. Far too often a cascade of candies detonates other candies you have sitting around and you lose your hard work. This is a challenging level that has frustrated many players. Just use the early moves to your advantage and be careful with your special candies and you’ll be okay. I’ll see you on the next challenge, which likely won’t come for you until Candy Crush level 172, very soon! Back to Top

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