Candy Crush Level 172 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

Welcome to Candy Crush level 172. We’ve got a single piece of jelly for you to remove this time. Believe me, it sounds far easier than what it is. Many iPhones have been smashed while playing this round.

You’re only given 10 moves to accomplish your task. However, timed bombs will attempt to throttle that to an even lower number. Of course, the meringue barrier is not going to be doing you any favors, either. I’ve put together some of the best Candy Crush hints available for this level. Keep them in mind and you’ll do just fine.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Look for a chocolate ball or striped candy.
Tip #2 – Striped candies are your best bet.
Tip #3 – Watch the timed bombs.
Comments – Leave a comment if you’re stuck and I’ll try to help.

  • Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 10,000 points
  • Moves: 10
  • Stars: 1 star = 10,000, 2 stars = 20,000, 3 stars = 30,000

Tip #1:


The piece of jelly is located at the bottom of your board under several layers of meringue. To make things worse, there is a timed bomb already in place attempting to cut your available moves down to 5.

You need to make a chocolate ball or a vertically striped candy to hit this spot in the early moves. This will remove the bomb and a layer of jelly at the same time.

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Tip #2:


You don’t have the time to dig your way through the meringue and you can’t use a chocolate ball after the timed bomb is gone. Therefore, you should be focusing on creating more striped candies to deal with the jelly.

If you do create another chocolate ball, be sure to combine it with a striped candy. After all, this will award you big points and may remove the jelly.

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Tip #3:


There are going to be a lot of timed bombs entering the board. These pests should not be allowed to detonate. However, they should not be your focus either.

It is important to consider when to remove a bomb and when to be focusing on creating a combination to remove the jelly. As always, timed bombs with a timer greater than or equal to your remaining moves can be ignored altogether.

And there you have it, the best methods for beating this level. Of course, things will still be challenging, but you should be able to manage the round a little easier and move on to the next level (and then the tough Candy Crush level 174) with my strategies in this guide. Good luck, and happy crushing!

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