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Candy Crush Level 174 Tips

You’ve arrived at Candy Crush level 174. Quite an impressive feat! It’s time to once again clear some jelly. Unfortunately, things are never as easy as they sound, as you and I well know after playing Candy Crush Saga for so long. You’re going to be faced with multiple layers of meringue and a small move pool for this one. This means you are going to have to work fast and focus on making special candies. Whatever you do, don’t let the bombs scare you, they’re just for show! Now, keep my hints here in mind and you’ll be advancing in no time at all. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 30,000 points Moves: 20 Stars: 1 star = 30,000, 2 stars = 70,000, 3 stars = 90,000 Tip #1: Your initial moves should be used to work your way towards the bombs at the top of this board. The bombs themselves are of no threat, they have 20 turn fuses and you have 20 moves for this level. The issue is that they are sitting on the most challenging pieces of jelly to clear. Wrapped candies can work wonders on the meringues around the bomb as they have several layers. Back to Top Tip #2: You need to open up your board in order to give yourself the best chance of creating special candies. Fortunately, the meringues blocking the lower section of the board aren’t hard to break through. If possible, find a way to break these while dealing with the timed bomb spaces. Again, wrapped candies can do the trick nicely. This is particularly true if you can combine two wrapped candies. Back to Top Tip #3: Once the board is open and the hard to reach jelly is dealt with, you may be short on moves. This is the time to bust out your special candy making skills. A striped candy combined with a wrapped candy can make the finishing touches a breeze. Of course, a chocolate ball combined with a striped candy can do wonders, too. Be on the lookout for any of these! Despite the shortage of available moves, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty with this map. There’s always a way to achieve victory. I’ll see you next on Candy Crush level 178, where you’ll be faced with a row of time bombs, meringue, and a ton of jellies to clear. Back to Top

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