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Candy Crush Level 178 Tips, Hints & Strategy

You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 178, very nice! I know there have been more than a fair share of difficult Candy Crush levels recently, but your tasks are not about to get any easier. So, dig in and be ready for another challenging map. Time bombs, portals and hard-to-reach jellies are going to put your skills to the test. This was one of the more frustrating levels I’ve had to play in the last 10 or 15, and I know many other gamers who feel a similar level of disdain towards 178. The following hints will help to make the job a little easier. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 60,000 points Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 60,000, 2 stars = 90,000, 3 stars = 130,000 Hint #1 There are five bombs each with a 9-turn fuse. It is vital that you deal with them before making other moves. This can be easier said than done. The meringues, which the bombs rest upon, are blocking portals which lead to the spaces outside of your main board. Therefore, you need to remove the bombs without opening spaces for other bombs to drop through. Try to use basic 3-candy combinations. This will reduce the likelihood of the bombs slipping past. Back to Top Hint #2 Special candies can save you from a mistake, just like on level 132 of Candy Crush. If a time bomb happens to slip through the cracks, a chocolate ball or horizontally striped candies can be used to hit the spaces floating outside the board. While removing the bombs before they reach these spots is preferred, keep this in mind in case things don’t go your way. Back to Top Hint #3 The shape of this map places two pieces of jelly in hard-to-reach corners. Basic candy combinations probably won’t work on these spaces. Therefore, take the time to create whatever special combinations you can. The safest bets would be a combination of a striped and wrapped candy or just a wrapped candy detonating nearby. Don’t discount chocolate balls and striped candy combinations, however, these often have a way of hitting every space on the board! If you keep these hints in mind, you should have no issues in dealing with this map and moving on to level 180 of Candy Crush. The hardest part is dealing with the time bombs early. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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