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Candy Crush Level 191 Tips

Welcome to Candy Crush level 191. The map has been taken over by a massive amount of jelly, and clearing this stage is no easy task if you’re anything like me. So, put your hard hat on and get ready to put your ReadyGamer skills to work. There are plenty of moves to clear this abundance of jelly. However, there are three timed bombs attempting to cut your available moves in half. Your biggest challenge is going to be dealing with them before the timer expires. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic on this Candy Crush Saga level. But if you need a little bit of guidance, be sure to keep these hints in mind. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 170,000 points Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 170,000, 2 stars = 280,000, 3 stars = 310,000 Tip #1 Your biggest threat is the timed bombs at the bottom of the map. Unfortunately, they are locked behind licorice cages. This means you’ll have to break them each twice. You’ll notice a horizontally striped candy trapped in marmalade in your initial play area. You can use this candy to break two wrapped candies out of their marmalade tombs and they will fall into position to deal with two of the bombs. Of course, you still need to detonate the wrapped candies. If you can position it properly, you can use a striped and wrapped candy combination to detonate one of the wrapped candies and deal with the licorice cage on the center bomb. Do this again on the other side and your biggest obstacle will be dealt with. Back to Top Tip #2 Once the bombs are dealt with it is time to break through the meringue barriers to open up your board. Try to focus on the left or right sides first. This will allow candies to flow into those spaces and position themselves under the meringue. This may open up additional combinations to help with your task. Back to Top Tip #3 Even if you manage to deal with the jelly, you need to ensure you have enough points to pass this map. You can attempt to clear the board quickly for a large sugar crush. This can be difficult to pull off, however. Your best bet will be using special candies as you clear the jelly. This will help with your task and score you the points that you need. Once you figure out a way to remove the bombs, this level is really quite simple. Just be sure that you will reach your required point goal before busting through the last piece of jelly. If you’ve finally beaten this level, congratulations! I know that wasn’t an easy task. The good news is it should be smooth-sailing for you now over the next five levels, but Candy Crush level 197 will eventually stand in your way and things get a little more complicated then. Back to Top

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