Candy Crush Level 266 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

Although there are chocolates and chocolate fountains in level 266, they are not the most difficult part of this game. The 15-move time bombs that might appear on screen had you accidentally hit the bottom left and right corners of the board is a looming threat that signals the premature end of the game.

Furthermore, getting two striped candies together is not easy (trust me), especially considering the number of moves that you need to set them up. Luckily, you have 50 moves in this level, so don’t waste any. Here are some of my Candy Crush Saga strategies to help you out.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Stay away from making candy bombs.
Tip #2 – Make the orders at the top part of the board.
Tip #3 – Keep an eye out for the chocolates.
Comments – Leave a comment if you’re stuck and I’ll try to help.

  • Objectives: Collect all the orders and score at least 25,000 points.
  • Moves: 50
  • Stars: 1 star = 25,000 points; 2 stars = 180,000 points; 3 stars = 360,000 points

Tip #1:


If you want to maximize the 50-move limit of this game, then you should avoid making any candy bombs. You will notice that there is a candy bomb generator near the bottom left and right corners of the board, so once you match any of the candies below it, you will surely get a candy bomb.

The position of the bombs further makes it harder for you to reach it, resulting to an early end in this level. Try to avoid this spot as much as possible and only make matches once you have 15 moves or less in the game.

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Tip #2:


Combining two striped candies five times is needed in order to get past this level, but doing so might set off some bombs on the lower part of the board. Therefore, try to make your combos at the top of the board so as not to disturb the lower part. But just in case you accidentally set off a bomb, you can destroy it using a wrapped candy.

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Tip #3:


It is pretty easy to get rid of the chocolates at first, but remember that there are chocolate fountains in the board and the chocolates can easily go out of hand and dominate the whole board, depriving you of matches. Always keep a close eye on the chocolates and don’t let them spread on the board.

Once again, you’re about to enter into a stretch of about eight rounds where things should come pretty easily to you. I challenge you to try to make it all the way until Candy Crush level 275 without running out of lives. If you make it, let me know in the comments below.

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