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Candy Crush Level 32 Tips

Level 32 is another time-bound game, but you don’t have to worry because you have two full minutes to finish the game and earn massive points. This is enough time for you to achieve the score requirement and even earn three stars. The only obstacle that prevents you from scoring large amounts of points are the meringues. You will need to begin the level with a sound strategy to take out the meringue and spend the remainder of your time racking up points with combos. Here are some tips I used to help you score as high as you can in level 32. Objective: Score at least 25,000 points in 2 minutes. Moves: Unlimited Stars: 1 star = 25,000 points; 2 stars = 33,000 points; 3 stars = 42,000 points Hint #1: First of all, you need to destroy the meringues, which occupy much of the middle part of the board. By destroying the meringues, you are opening up the board for possible matches and combinations that can help you score high in the game. To get rid of the meringues, you have to make matches adjacent to them. Do this as fast as you can so that you do not spend much of your two minutes just getting rid of these obstacles. Back to Top Hint #2: Once you have cleared the meringues, the next tip that will help you rack up points is special candy combos. Try to make as many striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs as you can. You may combine any two of these for better points. The color bomb is especially useful for clearing the most abundant color on the board, hence giving you lots of points. You should also watch out for those time bonuses that give you extra five seconds every time you match them with other candies. Keep crushing these things for two minutes or more and you just might find yourself as the top scorer for this level among your Facebook friends. Back to Top Hint #3: To help you organize your game, focus first on one side of the game. This way, you do not compromise any potential matches that might come up. Once you have made all the matches that you can on one side of the board, move on the other side. Your undivided attention can help you concentrate more on the game and find matches that can result to high points. I’m interested to hear how you’re getting along crushing those candies on this board. Once you’ve beaten it, you’ll move on to level 33 which is probably an even greater challenge. Back to Top

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