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Candy Crush Level 341 Tips

Color bombs are one of those special candies that need a lucky board in order to be created. The board also needs to be wide enough to accommodate five horizontal or vertical candies that can make a color bomb. But what do you do if you are required to make multiple color bombs in two narrow boards? Even though there are only four candy colors present in this round, the narrowness of the boards means that you can only make color bombs vertically. The presence of licorice swirls in the center also makes the level more difficult, since those swirls are resistant to striped candies. But like any other Candy Crush Saga level, I learned a trick or two that can help you accomplish the objective. Objective: Collect all orders and score at least 10,000 points. Moves: 40 Stars: 1 star = 10,000 points; 2 stars = 45,000 points; 3 stars = 65,000 points Tip #1 At first glance, my eyes were automatically drawn to the bottom right side of the board where three color bombs covered in marmalade lay in wait. But I also realized that I couldn’t possibly reach them right away, so I refocused my attention to the left side where the candies are. You should also do the same and instead focus on making matches where you can make them. The time will come when you can access those marmalade-covered color bombs, but now is not the time. Maximize the left side of the board and ignore the right side for the meantime. Back to Top Tip #2 The board is severely limited because you only have three columns to work on and make color bombs. While making color bombs horizontally is already out of the question, you need to crush the meringue blockers so that you increase your chances of making five vertical candy matches that will create a color bomb. If you get rid of the meringue blockers, you also get a wider board. Back to Top Tip #3 Special candies and combos are important in other levels, but not so much in level 341. Remember to focus on making the color bombs since you need them to finish the level. Aside from that, color bombs are the only power-ups that can help you win this round, since striped and wrapped candies or even a combination of the two will not penetrate the licorice swirls and the right side. Just keep making color bombs, and you might even get the chance to combine two color bombs that will help you activate the marmalade-covered ones. After finishing level 341, get ready to clear a few jellies in Candy Crush level 342. Back to Top

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