Candy Crush Level 36 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

Congratulations on making it to the first level of the Chocolate Mountains. Of course, things are only going to get harder from here on out. Prepare yourself for level 36!

This level only requires you to score points. Still, this can be easier said than done. You’re going to need to hone your special candy making abilities, and perhaps create a chocolate ball or two. Follow the tips below, and study our general Candy Crush tips and hints, and your task will be made a little easier.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – How not to waste moves
Tip #2 – Special candy combos hint
Tip #3 – Creating and using chocolate balls
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  • Objective: Score 10,000 points
  • Moves: 30
  • Stars: 1 star = 10,000, 2 stars = 20,000, 3 stars = 30,000

Tip #1


You are only required to earn points in this level. This means you should not waste valuable moves trying to clear the meringue and licorice cages. Of course, more room does mean more possible combinations. This means you should break through them, just not when a move worth more points is present.

Knowing when to open more space and when to focus on what you have is the key to this level. It takes some practice to learn this skill, but it’s important to learn in the early levels in order to make later ones a little easier.

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The point requirement for this level is not very high. A few special candy combinations will do the trick nicely. Remain on the lookout for any time where you can create them. In fact, by creating special candies throughout this level, you will be able to open up the bottom section of the board without sacrificing valuable moves. It’s a win-win situation.

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Tip #3


Look to create a chocolate ball once you have the lower section available. This candy can be the coup de grace that pushes your score over the top! The reason you want the lower section opened before using your chocolate ball is simple. More candies on the board means the ball will clear a larger amount of them, which means more points for you!

And that is all there is to this level. Things generally look worse than they are. With a little bit of patience and some perseverance, you will be moving on to the next challenge (level 37) in no time. Just remember to use your available moves wisely and consider what each move will do to the board. Now, get out there and crush those candies!

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