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Candy Crush Level 37 Tips

Welcome to Candy Crush level 37. We have meringue and licorice cages blocking your path. It’s your job to clear these and get to the jelly underneath. This level can be a bit of a challenge. The cages and meringue certainly aren’t doing you any favors. You need to attack the beginning stages of the game with a certain methodology, and then have a clear game plan in mind for once you clear out the licorice cages. Follow these tips and your task will be made just a little easier. Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 60,000 points Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 60,000, 2 stars = 80,000, 3 stars = 120,000 Tip #1 You need to open the board up in order to remove any of the jelly. Your first goal should be to remove as many licorice cages as you can. The meringues will break easily – simply crush candy next to it. However, the licorice cages are a little trickier. Ideally, you want to create special candies for this job. A well placed wrapped candy or even a wrapped and striped candy combination can remove a large chunk of these barriers in a single shot. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you’ve opened most of the board, start looking for special combinations. Once the licorice cages are gone, a striped and wrapped candy combination can hit every space with jelly (assuming it’s lined up correctly, of course!). With the board opened up, you may be able to create a chocolate ball, too. Combining these with a striped candy is another excellent way to eliminate a massive amount of jelly. Back to Top Tip #3 Look for combinations that can remove jelly in the corners. These spaces are always the trickiest to eliminate. You should check these spots after every move. Far too often, these spaces are the cause for a lost level. Remember, you shouldn’t be digging for a basic combination to clear these spots, as that will only waste valuable moves. If a basic combination is unavailable, it’s time to look for those special candies. That’s all there is to it. Keep an eye on your board and build up your special candies and you’ll be cruising your way to level 38 of Candy Crush. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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