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Candy Crush Level 40 Tips

Welcome to Candy Crush level 40. Great job on making it this far, but be ready for a challenging map. No doubt you’re used to being challenged more and more, considering the most recent tough levels you’ve played. You’re only given a small amount of moves to clear a large section of jelly. Those licorice cages won’t be doing you any favors, either. Follow these hints to make things a little easier. Objective: Clear all 33 jellies and score 30,000 points Moves: 30 Stars: 1 star = 30,000, 2 stars = 70,000, 3 stars = 90,000 Tip #1 With only 30 moves and a wall of licorice cages blocking your path, you’re going to need to work fast. The first thing you should be focusing on is removing those cages. This will make it easier to create special candies and it will give you access to the jelly underneath. A well placed wrapped candy can devastate more than half of this wall in one shot. Be on the lookout for one! Back to Top Tip #2 Keep your focus on the left side of the map. All of the jelly is located on this side of the board. The only time you should be making any kind of move on the right side is when you can create a helpful special candy. Chocolate balls combined with striped candies or striped candies mixed with wrapped candies work the best. Of course, a chocolate ball on its own can have a huge impact if you combine it with the right color! Back to Top Tip #3 Remember, you are very limited on your available moves. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider how each move will affect the board. You need to be aware of how candies are going to fall with each move. By keeping this in mind, you can use every available move to its fullest potential. A single combination is nice, but if you can move pieces to create two or more combinations in one move, that’s delicious! That’s the key to besting this level. Without a doubt, it can be challenging. If you keep your head and watch your board, however, it can be done. Now that you’ve beaten this challenge, it’s time to tackle the next level of Candy Crush. Don’t forget to check out my guide for that one if you have any trouble. Back to Top

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