Candy Crush Level 44 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

You’re in for another ingredient collecting task in Candy Crush level 44. Licorice cages are going to be in your way once again.

This level requires a large amount of points in addition to the ingredients. This can be a challenge. Follow these tips and things will be a little easier. And, if you ever find yourself stuck on a different level of Candy Crush, be sure to check back here on ReadyGamer and I’ll have the tips you need to beat the level.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Removing the licorice cages
Tip #2 – Which special candies to use and how
Tip #3 – How to best utilize your moves
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  • Objective: Bring down all three ingredients and score 78,000 points
  • Moves: 50
  • Stars: 1 star = 78,000, 2 stars = 93,000, 3 stars = 120,000

Tip #1

You need to remove the licorice cages early on. If you think this is tough, just wait til you start trying to figure out how to beat level 147 of Candy Crush. This task is complicated because the cages are on top of gaps that do not contain candies. This means you’ll have to make your basic matches from the top or eliminate these menaces with special candies. Combining a striped candy and a wrapped candy is highly recommended, this will clear multiple cages very quickly.

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After you remove the licorice cages, the ingredients are fairly simple to collect. Vertical striped candies will open the entire column to allow an ingredient to be collected. If you are unable to create special candies, work as far down on the map as you can. This will cause the largest number of candies to move around, and this may result in additional combinations being made. Remember, you need plenty of points to pass this board.

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Tip #3

You should complete this level as quickly as possible. The best way to earn the required points is to let the sugar crush give it to you. The more moves you have available when the final ingredient is collected, the more points you will earn as a bonus. If you are low on moves when the final ingredient is about to fall, perhaps try to create additional special candies. These will still detonate during the sugar crush and they may be able to push you over the limit.

If you manage to work fast and keep these tips in mind, you’ll be advancing in no time. Things can get somewhat frustrating, but stay calm and you’ll do just fine. Now, get out there and crush those candies.

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