Candy Crush Level 46 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

Level 46 is a level that contains it all — jellies, meringues, and locked candies. At first glance, it seems that this Candy Crush level is impossible to pass, especially since the jellies are situated under the locked candies, which in turn are enclosed in piles of meringues.

However, the key here is to maximize all your moves so that you clear the most number of jellies in a few moves. Sounds easy enough, right? I thought so too until I gave the level a few tries. Here are some tips to help you beat this round.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Which special candies to focus on
Tip #2 – Which area of the board to watch
Tip #3 – Tip for strategically making moves
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  • Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 20,000 points.
  • Moves: 15
  • Stars: 1 star = 20,000 points; 2 stars = 50,000 points; 3 stars = 90,000 points

Tip #1:


Instead of trying to remove the meringues one by one, focus on making special candies instead, especially striped candies. These striped candies can hit your meringues and locked candies, so aim for these things before you activate those candies.

Remember that striped candies can hit meringues, licorice blockers, and jellies along a row or column, hence maximizing your every move. You may also create other candy combos, such as wrapped candies and color bombs. You may also combine them to help you achieve your goal.

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Tip #2:


If you can’t find any more moves to create special candies or clear the meringues, licorice cages, and jellies, then you should look at the bottom of your board for any possible moves. Working low will bring down more candies, allowing you to find more matches for clearing the jellies and producing candy combos.

Furthermore, the cascading of candies might create special candies themselves, hence saving on moves, which are very few in this level.

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Tip #3:


Remember that you only have 15 moves in this level, so it is wise to plan your every move. Since there is no timer in level 46, you don’t need to rush things and just make random matches on the board. Think of every move very well and do not waste any of it. Focus your attention on making combos that will help you achieve your objective, rather than making three-candy matches at the periphery of the board. Strive to at least break a meringue, licorice cage, or jelly in every move you make.

Now that you’ve cleared all the jellies and are on your way to your next challenge (most notably, Candy Crush level 50 – that’s a very tricky board), pat yourself on the back and take a breather from the game for a little while. It’s about to get even more complicated!
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