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Candy Crush Level 53 Tips

There are only 8 jellies to clear in level 53, but before you can do that, you have to first unlock the licorice cages, and then get rid of the all the chocolates so that they don’t overtake the board. You have a lot of moves to achieve your objective, making level 53 of Candy Crush Saga easy breezy if you use the right strategies. If you finish the level with a lot of moves to spare, you will get lots of jelly fish to hike up your score and possibly receive three stars. I wasn’t so lucky the first couple tries, but after managing to figure out a few of these tips I was able to beat the level with well over 100,000 points. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 20,000 points. Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 20,000 points; 2 stars = 60,000 points; 3 stars = 100,000 points Tip #1: Before you can clear the jellies, you first have to unlock the licorice cages, since they are essentially blocking the jellies as well as the chocolates. In previous levels, you usually have to get rid of the chocolates first because they can easily spread, but since they are locked here by licorice cages, you have to unlock the cages first before you can do any moves. You might use up most of your moves in this part, but don’t worry too much because you have 50 moves to complete this level. Making special candies may also help you do this task. Back to Top Tip #2: Once you have removed the licorice cages, the chocolates will then be unleashed. You need to get rid of them because if you don’t, it will overtake your board and limit the number of moves you make. Furthermore, the chocolates can go over the jelly blocks, so you have to hit the jelly blocks twice in order to clear the jellies. Eradicating all the chocolate in as few moves as possible is important in order to remove the things in your board that make your life difficult. Back to Top Tip #3: To remove the jellies, you can either do it one by one, or better yet, have a vertical striped candy along the columns where the jellies are located. You may also use a combination of striped and wrapped candy along the bottom of the board to get rid of the jellies all at once. Simply focus all your energies on the jellies in order to complete the level. You should be well-equipped to crush this level and move on to the next challenge, which I consider Candy Crush level 55. The next stage shouldn’t be an issue, but two levels from now you might have a tough time. Be sure to check back on ReadyGamer if you need any help! Back to Top

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