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Candy Crush Level 56 Tips

Congratulations on reaching Candy Crush level 56. If you’re like me, you likely had a horrified expression when you first set eyes on the chocolate and licorice cage checkerboard. The previous however many Candy Crush levels may have lulled you into a bit of a sleep. So, get ready to think hard on this one. The level is separated in two sections, a top and a bottom. Licorice cages and chocolate squares block access to the lower level, and this is where the jelly is located. Don’t panic, follow these hints and success will be yours! Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 30,000 points. Moves: 45 Stars: 1 star = 30,000, 2 stars = 80,000, 3 stars = 140,000 Hint #1 First, and most importantly, you must clear space in the lower level. The best way to do that is to use the vertically striped candies. Remember, the direction of the stripes depends which way you moved the connecting candy. So, be sure to connect 4 pieces with a vertical motion. Now, you might be tempted to try and make wrapped candies to clear more space. This isn’t a bad idea; however, in the early stages it won’t have as big an impact. Try to maneuver those wrapped candies to the lower level, if possible. Back to Top Hint #2 So you’ve managed to clear out some of the lower level and it keeps flooding with chocolate squares? What you should do, once you have some open space, is to focus only on the lower level. Try not to use moves on the upper portion unless you have no other choice. Also, keep the chocolate squares in check but be sure to break the licorice cages, too. It’s essential that you manage your moves in a way that you don’t find yourself locked back into the upper section because the chocolate squares managed to creep back in. Back to Top Hint #3 If you’ve managed to create a few wrapped candies and positioned them into the lower level, now is the time they can be most helpful. A single combination of striped and wrapped, in the lower section, can wipe away most of your obstacles. If you manage this, your path to victory is almost assured, and then it’s on to the intermediary levels between here the incredibly difficult level 65. However, don’t get overly excited, if even one piece of chocolate remains it can damage your chances, quickly. This is a challenging level, no doubt. It’s entirely winnable, so keep focused while you crush those candies, and buckle in as you move on to Candy Crush level 57, the next (albeit not as difficult) challenge! Back to Top

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