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Candy Crush Level 60 Tips

Making it to Candy Crush level 60 is no easy feat. Trust me, at this point in the game I was starting to wonder how I’d ever get through the next 400 stages on my own. Your job is to once again collect ingredients. This Candy Crush Saga level will be much easier if you can control the chocolate squares and keep them from overrunning your board. The meringue around the chocolate makes things a little more interesting, but I found I was able to breeze past this level with a few quick tips. Use these hints to make things a bit easier. Objective: Bring down all ingredients and score 40,000 points Moves: 50 Stars: 1 star = 40,000, 2 stars = 80,000, 3 stars = 130,000 Tip #1 Your number one priority is to control the chocolate squares. If they manage to spread around the board, your job is going to become quite sticky. Luckily, they are contained in a wall of meringue to begin with. Of course, this wall of meringue and chocolate squares blocks most of your path to the bottom. You’ll want to take a moment to consider the best moves to clear this obstacle. If you can clear the chocolate without allowing it to spread then your job will become quite easy. Back to Top Tip #2 Like most ingredient levels, vertical striped candies are your greatest asset. If you still have chocolate or meringue on the board, these pieces can serve a dual-purpose. You can immediately collect an ingredient and clear any obstacles in that column. Of course, a striped and wrapped candy combination could be even more useful in this role. They can easily clear most of the obstacle in one shot. Back to Top Tip #3 If you manage to clear away the chocolate before it spreads, great! Then this is just like any other ingredient-style level. If the chocolate managed to get away from you, however, you should not make it your focus. If you can eliminate it, of course do it. This simply means you shouldn’t spend unnecessary moves in an attempt to totally eradicate it. You may have to develop a strategy of eliminating a little chocolate on one move and moving your ingredients on the next. What’s important is to ensure that the chocolate does not spread too thickly. And that’s all there is to this level. If you’re fortunate enough to clear the obstacles in the early stages, you’ll have no trouble at all. Now, move on to level 62 of Candy Crush, and get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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