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Candy Crush Level 62 Tips

You’ve made it to Candy Crush level 62, pat yourself on the back. I’d give you a high five, but we’ll just have to settle for an internet one instead (*high-five!*). Be ready for a nightmare of an ingredient collection level. You’ve got 5 ingredients to collect in only 21 moves. Does that sound impossible? Oh, I can assure you it’s possible – just not very easy to do in only one try. It took me a few tries and the understanding of a few tips to beat the stage. If the chocolate spreads things are going to be even harder. Use these hints to make things a little easier. Objective: Bring down all ingredients and score 30,000 points Moves: 21 Stars: 1 star = 30,000, 2 stars = 45,000, 3 stars = 55,000 Tip #1 The chocolate squares are locked to the left and rightmost columns by licorice cages. Although this limits your board space, it can actually work to your advantage. Chocolate squares cannot spawn on top of licorice cages which means you should try to keep the cages intact for as long as possible. Back to Top Tip #2 With Candy Crush Saga ingredient levels, vertical striped candies are great. If you leave the licorice cages intact, however, these candies will be challenging to make. This is why it’s vital that you look for any combinations that will yield this candy after every move. Remember, with only 21 moves and 5 ingredients you need all the help you can get! You might have better luck forming a wrapped candy. Just be careful about its position before activating it. You wouldn’t want to release the chocolate squares if you don’t have to! Back to Top Tip #3 There is a good chance that licorice cages will break throughout this level. Don’t panic! Once the chocolate is free, it is important to keep it under control. Try not to use too many moves on it, however, you need to be focused on your ingredients. The most important thing to watch is the top of your board. The chocolate will attempt to choke off your candy supply if it is not kept under control. Whatever you do, don’t let that happen! With these hints in mind, you should have an easier time with this one and you’ll be heading into Candy Crush level 63 very soon. It can certainly be one of the more frustrating levels, but don’t get upset. Remain calm and keep an eye on your obstacles. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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