Candy Crush Level 65 Tips & Strategy: Is This Level Impossible?

Pat yourself on the back for reaching level 65. Now, take a deep breath, read these Candy Crush hints on our Candy Crush strategy guide, and prepare for one of the most challenging maps you’ll ever face in the game. I’m not kidding.

Every space includes double-jelly and to make matters worse, licorice cages and chocolate squares dot the edges of the board. This level was an easy one for me to give up on and walk away from, but I finally got the technique down and have several tips to share. Follow these hints and with some luck you will defeat this daunting level.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Clearing the chocolate squares
Hint #2 – Making special candy combos
Hint #3 – Clearing ‘straggler’ jellies
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  • Objective: Clear all the jelly and score 120,000 points.
  • Moves: 50
  • Stars: 1 star = 120,000, 2 stars = 220,000, 3 stars = 310,000

Hint #1

candy-crush-level-65-300x256-6204241 The chocolate squares need to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Removing them in the first few moves will make this level a lot easier. Once the chocolate menace is removed, try to focus on the licorice cages. Keep this in mind, try to create as many combinations as you can. Striped candies can be a lifesaver for hitting the odd squares along the edge of the board.

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Expanding on the combo-candies, try to make a combination of striped and wrapped candy somewhere near the center of the board. This will remove a single layer of jelly and possibly break a licorice cage or a piece of chocolate you missed in the earlier stages. Remember, this level is all about candy combinations, trying to break through the jelly with basic candies will cause you to fail, repeatedly. Don’t fall into this trap!

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Hint #3

You will likely have one or two pieces of stubborn jelly by the last few moves. If possible, position striped and wrapped candy in one of the bottom corners. When you combine them the large candy will hit two sides of the board.

This level is hard. Like level 70, it’s one of those maps which causes people to give up on the game altogether. It will likely take you several attempts, but with these tips in mind and some good fortune, you will defeat this beast of a level and move on to level 66 of Candy Crush very soon.
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