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Candy Crush Level 66 Tips

You’ve made it to the first level of Easter Bunny Hills, Candy Crush level 66. I hope you had fun on the previous level, which was probably the most difficult stage I had played yet in the game up to this point. With that said, get ready to gather up some more ingredients for this one. You’re going to need to get the hang of teleporters to effectively beat this level. I know the two sides of the board are a little intimidating at first, but it’s a fairly simple stage once you get the hang of it. Just follow these hints and you’ll do fine. Objective: Bring down all ingredients and score 40,000 points Moves: 40 Stars: 1 star = 40,000, 2 stars = 90,000, 3 stars = 140,000 Tip #1 The board is split into a left half and a right half. New candies and ingredients will fall into the left half. Once they reach the bottom of this section, however, they will teleport to the right side of the board. This means you should be focusing your moves on the right side. This will cause the largest amount of candies to be moved which can cause additional combos. Be sure to keep an eye on which column you’re working on. If the halves of the board were stacked, the columns would line up. This means the leftmost column of the left half aligns with the leftmost column in the right half. If you still have difficult with this, be sure to read our general Candy Crush guide. Back to Top Tip #2 Special candies are still a great tool for this level. However, it is important to understand how to use them effectively on this board. A vertical striped candy will only affect one half of the board. This still means that half of the obstacles are cleared for your ingredient, but it does not allow a single combination to be the cause of collecting an ingredient. In addition, wrapped candies will not teleport to the right half of the board if they are triggered on the left. This is because the explosion will not hit the candies that are ‘under’ it. Finally, horizontally striped candies can travel the gap between halves. Back to Top Tip #3 Although you should be focused on the right side, don’t miss an obvious combination on the left. If you can assemble a chocolate ball and a striped candy, do it! This is the exception to the rule where one move will not collect an ingredient. The large amount of striped candies being detonated may allow an ingredient to fall from one half of the board to the bottom of the other! Follow these hints and you’ll move on to Candy Crush level 67 in no time. Now, get out there and crush those candies! Back to Top

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