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Candy Crush Level 72 Tips

Level 72 is just another level where you need to bring down the ingredients to accomplish the objective. However, what makes this game guide quite tricky is the complex shape of the board. The presence of chocolate and locked candies adds difficulty to this level. If you haven’t started getting used to the onslaught of these types of hard levels, you are probably about to. I had a hard time initially on this board, but with the tips below I was able to beat level 72 with three stars. Objective: Bring down the 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score at least 50,000 points. Moves: 45 Stars: 1 star = 50,000 points; 2 stars = 80,000 points; 3 stars = 120,000 points Hint #1: The first thing that you need to do to help you achieve your goal is to break the meringue barrier. You will notice that it is hard to bring down the ingredients if it gets blocked by the meringue. On the downside though, removing the meringue will unleash the chocolate, so you need to remove the chocolate in the process as well. Otherwise, it will multiply and block your chances of bringing down the ingredients. This is quite easy to do since you can remove a meringue by making a move adjacent to it. The same technique goes for chocolate. Your first five moves should be allotted to breaking the meringue barrier and getting rid of that lone chocolate. Back to Top Hint #2: After getting past the meringue barrier and chocolate, the next thing that you have to take care of are the locked candies. Now, this is a little harder than the previous one, since you have to make a combination using the candy inside the licorice cage to unlock it. If you want to use a shortcut, you can simply create vertical striped candies along the columns of the locked candies in order to unlock them. You can also use special candy combinations, such as two striped candies, two wrapped candies, or a combination of the two so that you can get rid of the locked candies, meringues, and chocolates blocking the bottom of the board. Back to Top Hint #3: Like what I mentioned before, the shape of the board is what makes this level difficult. You should avoid having the ingredients fall to the far right or far left sides of the board, since you will have a hard time getting them back to the middle where the exits for your ingredients are. At the same time, avoid the center part at the very bottom since there is no exit there. Your focus for this level should be on removing the blockages and keeping your ingredients in the middle of the board, but not at the very center. The next 2 or 3 levels shouldn’t be a huge obstacle for you (although, Candy Crush level 73 did give me some trouble), but if you have any trouble let us know. Level 76 is where you might need some help, though. In which case, you know where to come for tips on how to beat it! Back to Top

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