Candy Crush Level 86 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

Currently stuck in Level 86 of Candy Crush? Don’t feel bad; this dastardly level has stumped pretty much everyone since the game’s inception. I recently played this level and spent 3 hours figuring out the best moves and tricks to use! After a painful start, I managed to finally hurdle this level and move on feeling pretty victorious, snagging 2 stars along the way. Not bad, right?

The objective of this level is simple – you need to clear all the jelly in place and accumulate 40,000 points. And just like other levels, this looks easy at the start. But with that massive triangle of licorice (the boxes that appear like swirling chocolates) guarded by caged candies, you know the work ahead will be tough!

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Breaking the Pyramid
Hint #2 – Making Combos
Hint #3 – The ‘Necessary’ Tip
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  • Objective: Clear all the Jellies and score 40,000 points.
  • Moves: 35
  • Stars: 1 star=40000 points, 2 stars= 65000 points, 3 stars= 90000 points

But don’t let this level stop you. Candy Crush is all about serving up tricky hurdles but offering sweet rewards at the end. If you completed this level in less than five tries, then consider yourself a master. But for those who are still struggling, here’s your chance to clear away those monstrous chocolate swirls.

Hint #1

You need to break through the pyramid first and remove a few of the locked candies. When you free up the space, you will have a better place to make special candies. Go for wrapped candies since these can take out the jellies immediately.

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The name of the game is striped and wrapped -once the pyramid has been cracked, slowly get into the bottom of the swirling chocolates and try to make special candies. It’s best if you can get a few striped candies to explode within the pyramid. Try to create sprinkled candies and match them with the striped since these can easily destroy the remaining swirls and caged candies.

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Hint #3

My ultimate piece of advice is to try to make at least one striped plus wrapped candy combo after you’ve broken into the pyramid. It won’t necessarily be easy, but if you allocate a few of your moves towards the goal of maneuvering a striped and wrapped candy towards a combo, you’ll skyrocket your odds of beating the level.

Remember, this is Candy Crush and patience and a little creativity can help you win the level! Once you’ve beaten it, you should be able to take care of level 87 of Candy Crush fairly easily, but level 88 might give you some trouble.

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