Candy Crush Level 91 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

Can’t seem to shake off those hours of frustrations playing and replaying Level 91 of Candy Crush? I know the feeling- you’ve spent hours figuring out the best moves while waiting in line in the supermarket or simply waiting for the sleep to come but you can’t seem to break the King’s code!

I’ve experienced the same frustrations, but I’m glad I managed to clear this level found in Bubblegum Bridge. In fact, I saved a few moves and the Jelly Fish showed up and helped me get more points.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Where to Focus Your Moves
Hint #2 – Help Making Combos
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  • Objective: Clear all 28 Jelly squares and score 60,000 points.
  • Moves: 30
  • Stars: 1 star=60000 points, 2 stars= 90000 points, 3 stars= 130000 points

When desperation sets in when playing Candy Crush, the next best move to do is to go for tested cheats available. And when it comes to cheats and tips, we help you. There are players out there who can clear levels in one or two tries, and they are DIVINE. But for the mere mortals like us, here are some tricks and cheats that can be used to break the code and get happiness at the end of the level!

Hint #1

Dominate the middle part of the board and destroy the jelly squares found on the board’s corners. This can help you generate space so that you can create a number of candy combinations. Once the center has been dismantled, then that’s the time you can focus at the bottom.

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Hint #2

candy-crush-level-91-tips-300x235-4852812 Striped candy combinations and color bombs are the tools of the trade in this level. You will also find the licorice swirls frustrating. To get the game going, tap into wrapped and striped combinations. The jellies at the bottom can be frustrating so use the horizontally striped candies.

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This is relatively easy level compared to other tough levels like Level 92. Some players can play this out in a few tries with different moves. Do you have some comments or other ideas on how to clear the level?

Throw in some comments below so we can help them make candy crushing a great experience!
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